Why would I buy that?

Why I bought Ikea products

by Melissa Caputo,

MAD Market CEO

Last week I wrote an article about the pros and cons of purchasing from IKEA. In it, I outlined four of my concerns and ended with this conclusion: if even two of these four points was not a concern, I'd likely make a purchase. 


I revisited the IKEA webpage a few days after posting the last article, saw the IVAR cabinets and immediately got excited.

Reasons I bought this:


  • My four big concerns with buying IKEA products (mentioned in my previous article) were taken care of:

    1. Made nearly entirely out of solid pine, almost all the materials are sourced responsibly as part of IKEA's sustainable forestry campaign. And because it's part of this campaign, my purchase directly supported this eco-friendly effort. 

    2. It's unfinished pine, so there is a low risk of VOC's or other harmful chemicals. Plus, it's production is likely less polluting. 

    3. Its solid pine construction also makes it much more durable. No, pine isn't the hardest wood, but it's definitely better than fiberboard and plastic, so this product will likely last me years and years to come. 

    4. Though not FSC certified, IKEA's efforts are officially acknowledged and praised by the FSC, giving more corroboration to their claims of responsibly sourced wood. There is still no official certification that the item was made ethically, but IKEA goes to great lengths to show that their workers are treated ethically throughout the production line. 


  • It's extremely versatile. The units are individually durable and sturdy with adjustable shelves and can be painted or stained to match any room. Plus, they are modular, so they should fit in any space in the future. These pieces were an investment that will hopefully last many years to come. 

  • It's the best I could do. Ultimately, we all have to just do the best we can. I could not afford any of the options from more certified, more eco-friendly, Fair Trade or small craftsman brands. I couldn't find anything secondhand that fit all my needs and I just could not handle making the product myself. I was also on a time-crunch to get the room functional, so I couldn't play my usual waiting game until I could save up for a product, find it secondhand or learn to make it. There are plenty of industries like makeup or clothing where I don't need to ever compromise any of my standards because there are tons of options. But furniture? Not so many affordable options. Instead, I picked something that would last a long time and supported a positive move within a large company.

Here are some other places to look for furniture:

Thanks for reading! 

What do you think is the best balance?

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