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For my birthday, I received three shirts from Unlock Hope. I've written about each and also rated the company in various categories. Check out the company descriptions to see the affiliated organizations and businesses behind the product.

Unlock Hope 

Product Review

Everytime I look at this site, I see more shirts I'd love to wear. They are always selling fresh designs with new, great messages.


Quick Tip: If you really like a specific design, don't hesitate to buy it. I've noticed that designs may only stick around for a month or so until they are swapped out for something new.


by Melissa

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Unisex Tee



The material is super soft and comfy, it's long and just the right amount of baggy (aka. perfect for those just not feeling it kind of days). I'm wearing a small and it fits perfectly. 


The company also has more interesting styles, but if you are a lover of classic tees, this is the perfect, comfy, "throw it on" weekend shirt. Plus, the message is fantastic. 

Photo Credit: Brandon

Photo Credit: Melissa

Be a Nice Human

Slouchy Tee



I am wearing a size small in maroon. It's on the shorter side. The material is also a little thin and may be see-through under direct light. 


With that said, I still really like the shirt because it is perfect to throw on with a long bralette and high waisted shorts for a light, fun and cool (like, literally cool) summer outfit. 


It would also be good for layering: wear it with a cami and a cardigan. However, if the light material and cropped design doesn't seem right for you, stick with the classic tee. 

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Now for the company rating scale:


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being when your boxed hair dye attempt totally flops and 10 being that fresh cut hair feeling, how would I rate the...


Feel: 8. I love how comfy they are. Especially as far as graphic tees go, these shirts are now my favorites. 

Design: 9. The lettering is super hip, the overall design is trendy and eye-catching. The actual styles of shirts themselves are also stylish and fit well. 

Quality: 7. The lettering doesn't feel uncomfortable or like it's going to peel off after a few washes. While some of the fabric is thin, it feels like an intentional part of the design. I think the shirts will last a while, but we'll have to wait for the 6 month review and see.

Eco-Consciousness: 8. The actual shirt manufacturer - Bella + Canvas - is extremely eco-conscious in their production process. They recycle and reuse any scraps from products and aim for a zero-waste factory. They are also paper-free. They use solar power and promote electic cars with the charging stations they have on property. 

Social impact: 8. Everything is Made in the USA. The shirts are manuafactured sweatshop-free. The retailer, Unlock Hope gives 100% of proceeds to educating girls in Uganda. 


Overall: 8. That's pretty high in my book.

Fear is a Liar

Flowy Long Sleeve Tee



I have this shirt in a size small. The band on the bottom fits right on my hips. It's very comfortable and a flattering fit. If you want something looser and longer and you have a long torso, you may want to opt for a medium. 


It's a perfect loungy shirt or something you can wear out with black jeans and heals for a slightly edgy look. Or wear it with shorts, a floppy hat and sandals for a summery day on the beach. Not a bad spectrum of looks for a graphic tee. 

Behind the Product

Unlock Hope is the retailer that designs and sells these shirts along with some assessories. Think Humanity is the organization that coordinates the actual project in Uganda. Bella+Canvas manufactures the shirts. 

Think Humanity strives to assist refugees and underdeveloped communities throughout Africa by improving healthcare, education and socio-economic development. 


Unlock Hope works with Think Humanity to provide young girls throughout Africa with basic necessities and educational opportunities. 100% of the profits from the sale of Unlock Hope mechandise goes to supporting this mission. As stated on the Unlock Hope site:


"Each time you buy one of our products we donate enough money to cover every single expense necessary to support one girl for one day. Health care, food, housing, utilities, transportation, support staff, school fees, clothing, uniforms, toiletries, school supplies, books and more are completely paid for - all thanks to you!"


Bella + Canvas is a wholesale clothing manufacturer based out of Los Angeles, California. They strive to produce high quality appearal as eco-friendly as possible. The factory is a zero-waste facility. The company as a whole is paperless and they operate using solar power. 


Each Bella + Canvas product is Made in the USA in non-sweatshop, safe and fair working conditions. 

Unlock Hope shirt reviews - a review of ethically made shirts that give back.

Photo Credit: Melissa

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Product Longevity

Everything has held up perfectly! No cracking on the letters, no color distortion on the printed graphics, no shrinking and nothing pulling in the stitching! I've had some of these shirts for over a year, so I think that's a pretty solid sign of quality!

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