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Best Dish soaps

(we continuously add to this list to give you the most options possible)

by Melissa Caputo,

MAD Market Founder

As is the case with most of our MAD Living articles- switching to a better dish soap brand may seem like such a pointless task. Does it REALLY matter?? 


And again, as with most things, it may not matter much in small doses, but when you consider that throughout many countries, just about every household uses dish soap many times a day, it starts to add up. 


So, a relatively small switch for us can ultimately have a large impact on the environment and on our societies. 


The soaps we're listing here are ethically made using ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. They are also cruelty-free :)


Here are our favorites so far:



$3.49 on Vitacost for 18 oz

$4.99 at Target for 36 oz refill

As we discussed in our top-rated cleaning product companies article, Method is LEED, B-Corp, cruelty-free, and C2C certified. My favorite thing about them? On their website, they list out all their ingredients along with an explanation of the ingredients' purpose and environmental impact. So cool! They do use fragrance and colorant in the scented dish soap, but they claim that it is still non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are also refillable. The refills still do create

package in the USA. They also list the purpose and impact of every one of their ingredients. While it's only a 16 oz package, it lasted a couple of months. The smell was really nice and I liked the easy squeeze bottle. It worked great: sudsy, effective at cutting grease and you only needed a small amount.

waste, but at least it slightly cuts it down. And to be honest, one of the really big selling points for me is how good it smells. MMMMMM





Mrs. Meyers

$3.99 for 16 oz

Mrs. Myers is leaping bunny certified and natural as all get out. They manufacture and


The Honest Company

$3.99 for 24 oz

This product doesn't really stand out negatively or positively. There are no refills and the scent wasn't terribly impressive to me. But it still works well enough and it definitely has other great qualities: It's USDA Biobased Certified (basically meaning it provides a plant-based alternative to typically petroleum-based products), Safer Choice certified and has pure ingredients.

Honet Dish Soap


Rebel Green

$4.99 for 16 oz

This company is committed to providing safe and sustainable products with an edgy flair. They source ingredients and manufacture whatever they can local to their facilities in the USA. They are also committed to giving back to projects that provide clean water, air, and food to people around the world. This dish soap is created with food grade ingredients and without synthetic fragrance. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds great!

Up NExt

Laundry that's eco friendly and ethcally made

Thanks for reading! 

Have any suggestions for our list? Or have you tried one of these products? Leave your review below!

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