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You shop consciously for your clothing, cosmetics and home goods, why should you shop any differently for flowers? Even if you’re new to the conscious shopping scene, you’ll find that sustainably grown, eco-friendly flowers are a fantastic way to get in the game.

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Product Review

My family ordered flowers for my mom for Valentine’s Day. The ordering process was incredibly easy:

Screenshot from on a Phil Orgs Review

Screenshot of the Bouqs website, product page (similar flowers to what we ordered for my mom). 

  • There were plenty of beautiful options, even potted orchids.

  • There are three price levels: Original ($40-$50), Deluxe ($50-$60) and Grand ($70-$80). 

  • There were no price hikes or hidden fees.

  • Delivery is free Tuesday - Friday. Even next-day delivery is free on these days.

  • A nice, sturdy card comes with the bouquet, not just a flimsy slip of paper

  • There is generally some kind of promotion happening so you can receive a discount on at least one kind of bouquet.

  • First time visitors receive 10% off and the friend referral program gets you and your friend a discount.

For perspective, I tracked another bouquet that was ordered from one of the major flower delivery providers for a Valentine’s Day gift. The bouquet seemed a good deal smaller than advertised, though it was still nice and had no major flaws. The biggest difference between that bouquet and the Bouqs flowers was how long they lasted. The mainstream bouquet only stayed fresh for a few days. It was a mix of flowers and even the non-roses sagged and died within five days. My mom enjoyed her spry roses for three weeks. That is a significant difference - the Bouqs flowers are worth any extra amount you may be paying.


A review of the flowers from my lovely mother:

Phil Orgs Review of The Bouqs Co - should you order from Bouqs?

Photos taken 5 days after receiving the spry roses.

Photo Credit: DaryelLee Caputo


Just a few things for you to keep in mind:


  • Next-Day Delivery. Even though next-day delivery is available (and free Tues-Fri), not all bouquets will be available fornext-day. If you want the full scope of options, order at least four days ahead. 

  • Same-Day Delivery. While available, the selection is very limited. 

  • Order before 11 AM PST. You have to place your order by 2:00 PM EASTERN time in order to get it by the next day. So that means, you have to place it by 11:00 AM pacific time. I definitely goofed on this one when ordering...

  • Sunday and Monday. They don't deliver most of their flowers on Mondays or Sundays due to customs regulations. You can, however, still order a same-day bouquet from a local artisan on one of these days. Or plan in advance and surprise her by sending the bouquet a few days early. 

  • Additional Services. You can customize an arrangement. They offer services for weddings and events. 

  • **Most important tip** Even on your first order, capitalize on the referral discount. I didn't do this my first time and I totally regret it. You can use the Phil Orgs referral link for an easy solution (plus, it benefits the Phil Orgs crew as well!), or you can work out your own method with a friend. 

Behind the Product

The Bouqs sets itself apart from other flower companies in a few simple ways. Firstly, they emphasize a very intuitive concept: you should get exactly what you order.  While this should be a no-brainer for every company, Bouqs points out that other flower delivery companies rarely get fresh, crisp and full bouquets to your door. In order to give you the best idea of what you’ll actually receive, they dedicate an entire section of the product information page to customer reviews. They encourage you to post a picture of your bouquet along with your comments.


They also work to be transparent in their pricing. They’re selling you flowers and maybe a vase if you want it - that’s all. It’s simple to order and you won’t be barraged with additional offers, fees or weird conditions. The process is extremely easy to get through.


Their concierge service makes it even easier to guarantee your loved ones get flowers whenever you’d like.


But, simple ordering and transparent product promotion isn’t enough to get a gold star from Phil Orgs. The company is all about delivering farm fresh options from eco-friendly and sustainably grown sources (yay!). They say they treat all their employees with respect and care, giving living wages and benefits. Responsible farming is their mantra – they only cut flowers after they are ordered, they work directly with artisan farmers and their selection changes with the seasons.


Of course, nothing can beat fresh flowers from your local farmer’s market (pretending like you're strolling through a Parisian flower market as part of your weekly routine, high-wasted skirt, sun shining...). But in terms of flower delivery, this is definitely a service I will use again. I wouldn’t mind receiving flowers sometime either... you know…. so I can write my own review on the flowers themselves… totally practical reasons…. not hinting at all (Brandon)…


So we already know that the flowers lasted about three weeks until they were dying and no longer pretty. My mom picked out a few dying flowers along the way, but the bulk of them lasted for the duration of the three weeks. Triple thumbs up                     .


Mom loved the look of them even after they had dried as they retained their vibrant colors. So she decided to clean them up and repurpose them as a dried arrangement. 

Phil Orgs Review of The Bouqs Co - should you order from Bouqs? Plus tips and tricks.
Phil Orgs Review of The Bouqs Co - should you order from Bouqs? Plus tips and tricks.

Thanks for reading!

Have you ordered from The Bouqs before?

Tell us about it!


Feel free to leave questions and comments below. 


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"I was surprised and delighted one day to receive a package by Fed Ex. It was obviously a floral shipment. The package was sturdy, attractive, and arrived undamaged. It wasn’t my birthday or Mother’s Day so I was completely flummoxed as to its source and justification. Turns out my wonderful grown children had gotten together to send this little treat. (But their excellent qualities would be a completely different review and I won’t bore you with that!) When I opened the box, I found two individually wrapped bouquets of multi colored baby roses. They were wrapped in separate bundles to protect their delicate blossoms and it worked! Each and every bloom came through shipping fresh and unblemished. The blossoms ranged from 2/3rds open to 1/4th open which made the bouquets beautiful upon their first arrival and for the following 3 weeks. I even loved the way they looked dried so I cleaned them up and kept them as a dried arrangement. On top of my personal enjoyment of this gift, I also appreciated that the growing, processing and packaging of my bouquet provided high quality employment for others. I will definitely use them next time I want to send flowers!"

She seperated the stems, stripped off the dried leaves and found the perfect container. They will bring color and rustic charm to her house for even longer than three weeks. 

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