The Aromatherapy Co.

The Aromatherapy Company operates out of New Zealand. They manufacture body care products using pure and natural ingredients. They hope to promote global care in their feild by using ingredients from sustainable sources, ensuring every material they use is recyclable and giving back to their local community. I purchased a Wild Mint & Bergamot Essential Oil Blend from Marshalls. I've reveiwed the product below and researched a bit about the business itself. 

Product Review
Behind the Product
Product Longevity

Product Review

Therapy Range Essential Oil Blend Wild Mint & Bergamot


The product claims to: 

  • stimulate the senses

  • combat fatigue


Firstly, it smells really nice. 

General rating scale:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being just the worst and 10 being almost unbelievable, how would I rate the...


Feel: 7. It smells nice and honestly, I can't speak to much more than that.

Design: 7. The packaging design is super clean. I'd feel good having it sit on my desk. 

Quality: 8. It's pure essential oil, it's not diluted by water or alcohol. The bottle is nice and durable.

Eco-Consciousness: 7. While the packaging isn't all made from recycled materials, everything is recyclable. It's cruelty-free and ingredients are sustainably harvested where possible. They give 1% of profits to environmental causes. 

Social impact: 7. They work to source materials in or near their local community. They give profits back to organizations promoting health and education. They keep the manufacturing local in New Zealand and hold high standards of fair working conditions.


Overall: 7.2


Behind the Product

The company is rounded in it's mission to be a steward of the environment and give back to it's community. The following are the main ways in which they work to be responsible:


  • Pure, Natural Ingredients: all body care products are free from parabens, fragrance, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils.

  • Recyclability: their packagining is largely recyclable, as is their shipping material. 

  • Sustainability: they strive to use sustainable ingredients.

  • Cruelty-Free 

  • New Zealand Manufacturing: I know that I am not a native of New Zealand, but it follows the same thought process as buying American-Made goods. They work to promote growth and economic viability in their own community, minimize the carbon footprint from shipping in materials from all over and they maintain higher standards for manufacturing and employee treatment.

  • Giving Back: The give back at least 1% to environmental causes and they support many orgnizations, hospitals and community centeres in their local area. 


Product Longevity

I just got this product! So check back in a few months for a review on how the product held up!

Have you tried a product from The Aromatherapy Company?

Tell us your about you experience! 

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