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Melissa Caputo



Eye Color: Brown

Hair Texture: Wavy, thin, dry

Skin Type: Combination

Physique: 5'11", athletic build, long torso

Clothing Profile: I'm into all kinds of styles; I switch it up day to day. Generally, I like things baggier and I tend toward black and other neutral colors.       

I am truly passionate about everything socially conscious. I've always been deeply empathetic and have long wondered what I can do to make a difference in the world. I became very passionate about Phil Orgs about three years ago, and once I graduated college, I was relieved to finally poor my time and energy into something I was so excited about. 


I graduated from Westmont College in May 2015 after studying Psychology, Political Science and English. Throughout college I worked various jobs: teaching music, tutoring, Post Office customer service... etc.  Now, my day job is working as an administrative assistant in a small family-owned business in the finance sector.  


I love travel, trying new things, hiking, sports and just being outdoors. I'm totally into music, food and animals. I love exercise and conversely, extra fries. When I was younger I travelled to the Philippines and China on mission trips. More recently I have gone on service trips to Mexico, Orchestra tours to China and Italy, a college term abroad in England and Scotland and after I graduated, I travelled through Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and England.                         


Rachael Caputo

Reviewer/Beauty Product Junkie


Eye Color: Green

Hair Texture: Wavy, thick, coarse

Skin Type: Olive, combination

Physique: 5’8”, athletic build

Clothing Profile: Eclectic. My clothing depends on my mood or the activity. I like outfitting and accessorizing for the occasion. This winter I was in to plaids, cozy sweaters and ankle booties. Now, with the welcoming of spring, I’m feeling bright colors and more airy, athletic styles.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in health, beauty and fitness. I was the strange girl in junior high who smeared oatmeal and honey on my face because I read somewhere the combo was a killer moisturizer (it totally is, btw). Now, at 30, I still love my home remedies, but I also adore quality products with natural, eco-conscious ingredients and packaging. I don’t want my beauty to come at an ugly cost.


I’m also an avid traveler and have trekked Italy, England, New Zealand and Costa Rica, to name a few. Traveling has opened my eyes to how others live in the world and I truly believe there is a lot to be gained by welcoming new experiences. Not the least of which, all the to-die- for food!


When I’m not traveling, volunteering, or hanging out with people I love, I co-own and operate a coffee roasting company. We focus on clean roasting to give our customers all of the flavor and health benefits of high-quality beans, without the cancer-causing carcinogens that come from over-roasting. Our patented process is globally minded, combining the best techniques and beans from around the world to produce the perfect cup of coffee. Of course, don’t think my passion for coffee displaces my beauty

addiction! Used coffee grounds make an unbeatable exfoliating scrub! Mix a cup with some oil (coconut, olive, etc.), scrub, scrub, scrub, and say goodbye to cellulite and stretch marks and hello to super soft skin! Not into DIY? Check out my review on Pacifica- Kona Coffee & Sugar Detox Whole Body Scrub.


Well, Beautiful People, that’s a little bit about me. I hope we get to know each other more as we work together toward making this world a better, brighter, more beautiful place.


DaryelLee Caputo



Eye Color: Green

Hair Texture: Blonde, straight, fine strands

Skin Type: Fair, combination

Clothing Profile: Mariposa Coffee tee-shirt and jeans mostly! But when I want to look nice I go for colorful, flowy shirts and simple jewelry.

As a fifty-something mother of three, grandma of one and co-business owner of a successful coffee roasting company, I keep pretty busy.  When time allows, I also enjoy creating stained glass windows, handmade jewelry and scrapbooking (mostly pictures of my beautiful grandson!)  Living 25 years in the majestic foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains – just outside of Yosemite - has made me appreciate quality over quantity, and responsibility over acquisition.  I try to buy only what I truly need and what will bring real value to my daily living.  Whenever possible, I seek to improve the lives of others with my purchasing power.  That is why Phil Orgs resonates with me and why I choose to spend precious time and effort reading, writing and editing for the blog.   As you’ll notice, Phil Orgs has become a family project.  It is the brainchild of our youngest daughter who graciously shares the limelight (and work :P) with her mother, sister, sister-in-love, boyfriend, and friends.  It’s all about community folks- near and afar! We hope you enjoy and benefit from what we’ve put together.


Janet Driver

Cosmetics Editor


Eye Color: Green

Hair Texture: Blonde, wavy, fine strands, full head, long

Skin Type: dry, natural

Physique: 5'6"; an aging runner's build (!)

Clothing Profile: At home, athletcs wear, jeans and New Balance; for work, clean, conservative suits with suede pumps and wild scarves. For me, I love to be extremely classic (think Dior) with accessories to add fun and color. I love to wear make-up, and think it is a wonderful part of being well dressed :)     

Janet’s history as both a cosmetics executive and a professional make-up artist in the film industry bring a combination of understanding the business of personal care products as well as knowing first-hand the diverse needs of the consumer. In her role at Revlon, NY, she trained and led a team of make-up artists, while functioning as a National Make-up Artist on stages across the region, customizing skin care and color regimes for women of all ages and ethnicities. Her film work included projects by Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, New Line Cinema and Disney/Buena Vista. As a former instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she taught cosmetic chemistry and retailing, as well as trained student workshops on color theory. She has sat on multiple industry advisory boards throughout her career. Over the past fifteen years, she has focused her research on organic production in the cosmetics industry, advocating for the needs of underprivileged women in a world of high-cost, elite products. She has a passion for serving and educating the underprivileged in the non-profit sector and uses the tools of her trade to help promote self confidence in women who are struggling to get out of abusive or impoverished circumstances. She supports companies who practice ethical production and sustainability, placing their care for the human population in the work force and the natural resources we've been given to protect above their drive for monetary gains.

Jennifer Blades

Photographer/Beauty Product Lover


Eye Color: Green/Blue

Hair Texture: Thick and Straight

Skin Type: Pasty

Physique: 5'8" (and a half)

Clothing Profile:Hate to admit it but my clothing style is very hipster, boho. I enjoy oversized tees and baggy cardigans. I’m almost always wearing something high wasted, accented with a plaid shirt around my waist. I prefer darks like greys and blacks but will occasionally wear light blues and whites, oh and burgundy! (my fav color!) As its becoming warmer I’ve been wearing lots of floral patterns in shorts and shirts. Sometimes i will wear a nice flowy dress to change it up a bit and pair it with cute chunky boot heels or pumps.

Described as a warm bubbly person, I am the type of person who goes the extra mile to make others feel welcomed or at home. This type of personality has helped me in my profession as a photographer. I work with many different types of people from shy to outgoing, and from young to old. When working in an industry like mine you need to be able to change and adapt to different situations and people. When I am photographing I like to make my clients as comfortable as possible and capture them in a way where they look natural. Using post production as only a means of editing the photo and not the person. 


When I am not photographing I am travelling and exploring the world. The more out of the box the better the experiences. I am one that believes that you should push yourself out of your comfort zone to truly embrace a new challenge or goal. From climbing mountains in Utah’s Zion park to feeling the oceans breeze in Greece. Every place I travel too I am sure to take it all in. My next adventure is to travel across “the pond” and venture Ireland. 


Down times for me when I’m not photographing or travelling include lounging on the couch in a comfy cardigan and baggy sweats watching television or movies. I am a huge movie buff and enjoy anything from a periodic drama to a modern comedy. As someone who is constantly on the go I never really put much thought into my makeup/beauty regime. I always used drug store products or cheap makeup, until 3 years ago when I had a horrible skin reaction to whatever I was putting on my face. It wasn’t until then that I realized that I needed to take better care of my skin. I was never prone to acne growing up but after using these products that clogged my pores and gave me heavy breakouts I knew something in my makeup bag needed to change. I did a lot of research into products, checked them out online, watched youtube tutorials and tried them until I had found the best lineup for my skin. I know better beauty products can be expensive but they are well worth it! Even just a simple change to some organic/vegan products can do wonders for your skin. Its handy to go into a store and grab products for under $12 but if you have ever looked at the ingredients you will find a majority of them are hard to pronounce and do not sound like they should be used on skin. After this huge change I began looking into cruelty free products and my eyes were open to the big companies that test their products on cute fuzzy animals. You would be surprised and mortified with what mankind does to species they deem of lesser value. 


Anyway thats a little about me, I hope we will get to know each other better through this process, and you will learn how to live a clean, happy and healthy life with products that are not only great for you but supportive of amazing causes! 


Brandon Driver

Writer/Tech Enthusiast


Eye Color:  Brown

Hair Texture: Thick, wavy

Skin Type: Combination

Physique: Tall, athletic build

Clothing Profile: Clever tee shirts, polos, flannels and cozy PJs. 

Coming from a background in the digital financial sector, I love learning and writing about the latest in technology and science, especially as it relates to the high-end market. I’m fascinated by the innovations we adapt daily into our lives: how they work, and how they better this world. I also cover events, news, people, places and the best news in the affluent world. With a talent for words, a double Bachelor’s degree and a passion for New Media, I report in as an editor for JustLuxe from Las Vegas, Nevada. 


I enjoy action movies, badminton, eSports, Apple products, and a good flannel shirt. I find myself easily distracted by cat and puppy videos, and I enjoy connecting with people 1-on-1. 


I have an acute awareness of the chemicals that go into our food and produce. Some of these chemicals are an advanced alternative to nourishing our bodies, and some are substantially more harmful than wealthy food corporations want to admit. My favorite places to shop are Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. 


Victoria Ernst

Writer/Global Wanderer


Eye Color:  Hazel

Hair Texture: Thin, straight

Skin Type: Combination, Pale

Physique: 5'7, Slender

Clothing Profile:  Laid back. A lot of blacks, whites, grays, and denim. My favorite thing to wear is jeans and a band tee. I also love anything that will make me feel like I'm not dressing up while still somehow managing to look put-together! I don't go heavy with the jewelry and I love a great pair of boots.

I've always grown up believing that we are stewards of this world and we need to take care it as best as we can. I love being outdoors and hitting up any farmer's markets wherever I am! I love having the chance to show people through my writing that they can do so much for our world and the community that we live in. 


I am in love with books and writing whenever I can. I feel like there are so many things that we can learn from just picking up a book whether it's fiction or not--there is always something to be learned from the people who have come before us and written their ideas down so that we can share in that with them. The idea of creating a whole world using just words is amazing to me. I will read any book I can get my hands on. 


I grew up in Australia with my family before moving to California when I was twenty for college. My experiences in both countries has really shaped the person I am today. It helped me to be able to think outside of wherever I am living at any point in my life and gave me amazing life experiences. I love travelling internationally and locally and picking up any new experience I can. 


I work at Starbucks in my local town in California which doesn't help my coffee addiction at all, but helps with getting to know all the people in my community. I love being able to express myself through my writing and I hope that you all will be able to get to know me through that!


Keri Lien

Writer/Perceiver of Persons


Eye Color:  Blue

Hair Texture: Straight, long

Skin Type: Combination

Physique: 5'5

Clothing Profile: Casual; I prefer to wear a T-shirt, Jeans when it’s warm, and knit sweaters and flannels, when the weather gets cold.

In May, 2016, I graduated from Westmont College with a degree in Religious Studies.  I love to engage with different topics and points of view that challenge me to broaden my own worldview, and allow me to grow in understanding. I am fascinated with languages, cultures, and, of course, religions. This is to say, I suppose, that people fascinate me. And with the study of different people and cultures comes an acute awareness of the injustice with which many of these people groups are faced. I firmly believe that for those of us who are able, it is our duty to advocate for those who cannot do so themselves.


I love music, reading, and really strong coffee. I like going to the beach, watching football (specifically the Green Bay Packers), and spending time with my friends and family. I love to learn, and am constantly searching for new sources of knowledge.

Raina Stein

Writer/Conquer of Mountains

Eye Color:  Blue

Hair Texture: Fine

Skin Type: Fair

Physique: 5'5

Clothing Profile: relaxed, scrubs or anything comfortable!

My name is Raina and I am a 23 year old, new professional. I've known the founder of PhilOrgs (Melissa) since we were toddlers and our parents became friends and when Melissa asked me if I wanted to be a part of PhilOrgs, I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of something that has such positive implications as well as working alongside my friend for something that, I think, is worth being passionate about. I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, which is essentially a Physicians Assistant for Physical Therapy. I am educated in the treatment and management of Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal pathologies. I am incredibly passionate about my field of work and working alongside individuals to make their own bodies a more comfortable and hospitable place to live. I enjoy rock climbing, horse back riding, backpacking and spending time with my loved ones. I don't care much for the beach, but give me the mountains and I'll be happy forever. 


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