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Of all the options in the big beauty stores, Tarte may be one of the better ones. They have some work to do in terms of their social and environmental impact, but they are at least a few steps ahead of other big cosmetic brands.

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Phil Orgs product review and demo of Tarte natural, cruelty free makeup. We specifically review the full coverage foundation, BB tinted moisturizer, lipstick and eyeliner.
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The general rating scale:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being raw chard and 10 being bacon, how would I rate the...

Feel: 7.5. I like the way all the products feel on my skin. 

Design: 7. The packages are pretty and functional. The design of certain tools, like the eyeliner brush, are very intentional and functional. However, I would like to see recycled materials used in the packaging. Overall, they could be designed more eco-conscious. 

Quality: 8. As a higher-priced brand, available in Sephora and Ulta, the Tarte products hold to a certain standard of quality. They work well and rival the other expensive makeup brands.

Eco-Consciousness: 6.5. They use natural ingredients and claim to source responsibly and eco-consciously. They also claim to have programs that give back. Neither of these claims are highly substantiated though. And they could be doing a lot more in this category.

Social impact: 6.5. They claim to have programs that give back to health organizations and Amazonian cooperatives. They also manufacture some products in the USA. But again, the claims are not substantiated.

Overall: 7.1. 

Behind the Product

Tarte was born from the desire to provide healthy, natural makeup options to women. They formulate vegan, cruelty free cosmetics without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten.


They claim to be socially and environmentally responsible by:







Cons: While there is a page on their website entitled “Tarte Gives Back”, there is little information on what they actually do or how they do it. There are no impact reports, giving statements or program details that I can find. I would already be questioning such a large, international company, but the lack of any substantiation makes me even more skeptical.


Pros: Even if their “giving back” isn’t super legit, they do still provide a high quality product with healthy ingredients. Additionally, the foundation I have is made in the USA. I am not sure if their other products are as well; they don’t make it apparent on the website that they intentionally manufacture in the USA.


To really get behind Tarte, I would like to see transparent giving reports, eco-friendly packaging made with recycled materials and a commitment to manufacturing in the USA with zero-waste factories.


In conclusion, there are plenty of cosmetic companies that are significantly more socially and environmentally intentional than Tarte seems to be, but they are still a better option than some big makeup brands.

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Image from the Tarte website.

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We are creating the largest online marketplace for ethically and sustainably made goods. We blog about these companies to empower you to use your purchasing power to create a better world.

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