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BB Tinted Moisturizer

The Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer provides a great solution for "sometimes great, sometimes problematic" skin. During happy, smooth and clear days, you can apply a thin layer for basic color correction and uniformity. On breakout days, you can layer up for additional coverage. But how does it actually look and work?

Product Review


I previously used the Tarte full coverage foundation. It was also a great product, but I am gravitating toward this tinted moisturizer now. 

When it comes to choosing foundation we often have to choose between two main options: full coverage that looks great from a few steps away, but is obviously cakey/heavy up close, or less coverage that gives an innocent, natural, no-makeup look with less coverage. This is certainly true of the Tarte full coverage and the tinted moisturizer. After some thought, I've landed on the BB moisturizer because it gives me more flexibility. I can wear a single layer or additional layers for more coverage. 

I have sensitive, acne-prone skin but this foundation doesn't seem to irritate my skin at all. I've definitely seen my skin break out with Clinique foundations and other brands, but not Tarte. 

When my skin is nice and clear, the foundation goes on flawlessly with my fingers or a sponge. If my skin is irritated, dry or has excessive acne, the foundation starts to get a little more blotchy and inconsistent. It does a decent job in these situations though and I would still consider it one of the best for irritated skin. The moisturizer is definitely more effective on dry, rough skin than the full coverage.

I will certainly repurchase this product unless I find something better in the near future (I'll keep you all posted ;) ).

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Head over to the main Tarte blog page to see the company's social and environmental impact. We also have other makeup products for you to check out!

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