I've been using my S'well bottle for over a year now. Does it really work?

Is it worth the money? 


Product Review

I (Melissa) purchased my S'well bottle over a year ago. I was planning a long trip to Europe and at the time I didn't have a water bottle I liked. I had actually given up on buying water bottles and was reusing old juice containers instead.


But I knew I'd need something super sturdy, completely leak proof and large for my travels. I was also determined to find something that aligned with my values. And the first company I stumbled upon was S'well. 

This is why I liked them:

  • They work with organizations to provide clean water to those in need of it.

  • The bottles are high-quality stainless steel, not plastic.

  • They are leak proof and seriously insulated.

  • The wood collection is hand-painted. 

  • For every bottle purchased from the wood collection, one tree is planted.

  • They look cool.

  • They are large.


I decided that this was the bottle for me. Not only has it worked great, but I constantly receive compliments on it. I had a teacher stop in the middle of his lecture and ask, "I can't help it, I'm so distracted, is that actually made of wood?" To read more how it's held up over time, go to the Longevity section. 

 Is a S'well bottle worth it? A review of S'well bottles by Phil Orgs.
 Is a S'well bottle worth it? A review of S'well bottles by Phil Orgs.

 Photo credit: Melissa's selfies skills

25 oz Blonde Wood bottle (left) and the 25 oz Teakwood bottle (right). Photo credit: Rachael

A few words from Rachael about her bottle:


"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this water bottle! If my house were on fire, I would grab it on my way out. Not only does it keep my water cold and refreshing for hours (probably days if I didn't guzzle it down), it's also a fashion statement. I get compliments on the reg. Complete strangers stop me to chat about it. I've been told the design looks like stone, wood grain, coffee stains, and my favorite: I look like I'm sipping water from a whale tusk Viking-style. Truthfully, sometimes I FEEL like I'm drinking from a whale tusk. The bottle is incredibly sturdy. I've dropped it a dozen times and it's never dented or scratched. And I'm pretty confident it could knock out a mugger with a single blow. Bottom line: I take this water bottle everywhere and (thankfully) can't recall what life was like without it."

Behind the Product

Overall Rating: 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being water beds in concept and 1 being water beds in reality, how would I rate the...


Feel: 8. It's smooth and easy to hold around the neck of the bottle.

Design: 7.5. The various designs on the website are all really attractive and I especially love the wood collection. It's an interesting shape, which I like, though sometimes it'd be nice to have a more standard, athletic design (with a handle on the cap or something).

Quality: 8. It's very well made and I have never had any problem with it at all. 

Eco-Consciousness: 7.5. The nature of the company is eco-conscious and they work with environmentally geared organizations, but they could do more in eco-conscious packaging.

Social impact: 7.5. They work with organizations to improve the lives of children in developing nations and at home in the U.S. They claim that their products are all responsibly made in China. 


Overall: 7.7

The mission of S’well is to rid the world of plastic bottles. The sleek design makes eco-consciousness look stylish and unique. Every bottle is made with stainless steel because it’s the healthiest option. 


S’well partners with various organizations in order to make a social and environmental impact. Since 2015, S’well has donated $200,000 to UNICEF, United Nations branch focused on children's quality of life. If you purchase a bottle from the wood collection (like mine) you will be supporting American Forests. S’well is also a supporter of Drink Up.







American Forests aims to restore and protect forest ecosystems that are desperately in trouble. They work to plant trees, educate the public and build ecosystems from scratch if they have to.









Drink Up, working with Partnership for a Healthier America, wants to encourage Americans to drink more water more often. They’ve created a public water fountain that, through clever engineering, is making drinking water more interesting. You have to check out the video on the Drink Up website; the fountain talks to you when you’re drinking…. Is it affective? I don’t know. Is it strange and interesting? Certainly.

Brandon has not one, but two S'well bottles. Here's what our tech enthusiast has to say:

"Swell Bottles are high-quality aluminum thermos containers with a unique vacuum technology in the bottle structure. They claim to be able to keep the temperature of a liquid constant for 24 hours. That’s pretty impressive, and here’s how they do it:


There are two separate layers of metal in the bottle casing. Between those two layers, there’s as close to nothing as we humans can get: no air, no dust, no nothing. Hence, a vacuum. Because there is no material in this vacuum, there is no material for energy to be passed through. If energy isn't being transferred, you won't lose heat or gain heat, thus keeping the hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. 


I tested this 24-hour claim with a bottle full of ice water myself, and the ice was still there 33 hours later, bearing through a hot day, exploring southern California. 


I am impressed with this bottle design, and I plan on keeping this with me wherever I go. I put a few ice cubes in my bottle and it stays cool all day. No condensation either. It sure beats having a glass of cold water." 

 Is a S'well bottle worth it? A review of S'well bottles by Phil Orgs.

The 25 oz Navy Alligator bottle (left) with the 17 oz Torquoise Blue bottle (right). Photo credit: Brandon

Video featuring Brandon.


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One Year: My bottle has certainly served me well this last year and I have never regretted buying it. It's a fantastic conversation piece. I often use my bottle as a segway for telling people about Phil Orgs and my passion for socially conscious shopping. 

The Wood Collection features a hand-painted design, so tiny amounts of paint have scratched off my bottle. It doesn't bother me at all, it's hardly noticeable. Brandon's bottle is from a different collection and has a kind of lacquered outer layer. His doesn't even have a scratch!


I have dented the lid once, but so far, there are no other noticeable signs of wear.

I'm extremely happy with how it's held up! Bring on another year!

Do you have a S'well bottle? Leave a comment, question or suggestion!

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