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Did you ever think that your chewing gum could change the world? Well Project 7 gum is certainly going to give it a try. Now you can change the world and chew gum at the same time, you talented you. 


Product Review

So those are our initial thoughts! For anyone who is wondering, purple eye liner paired with bright red lipstick is not my normal makeup look - I was running with the colorful nature of this blog post. Just felt I needed to clarify that...


Tip: If you try to text in to get the giving report (as suggested on the back of the gum packaging), be sure to text "CleanWater", not "Clean Water". I originally included a space and was added to a list of people inquiring about professional cleaning positions at Not what I intended...

Project 7 Gum Review by Phil Orgs - see ingredient analysis, reactions to taste and an evaluation of the company's social and environmental consciousness.

Photo Credit: Melissa

Behind the Product

Project 7 Gum Review by Phil Orgs - see ingredient analysis, reactions to taste and an evaluation of the company's social and environmental consciousness.

"Little purchases when added up, can pull many people together and make life changing impacts every day of the week." - Project 7 website 


As their name alludes to, Project 7 uses your gum/mint/gummy bear purchase to support organizations in seven different categories:


  • Save the Earth: Through their partnerships with Plant with Purpose and Trees, Water & People, Project 7’s donations focus on repopulating the world with trees.

  • House the Homeless: By partnering with Samaritan’s Purse, they support         emergency relief efforts for those impacted by natural disasters.

  • Feed the Hungry: Focusing on hunger in our own backyard, they’ve partnered with Feeding America and Children’s Hunger Fund.

  • Quench the Thirsty: They are working with Splash, an organization hoping to use technology and supply chains to bring clean water to the world on a mass scale.

  • Heal the Sick: Partners in Health is an organization striving to deliver malaria medications around the world.

  • Teach them Well: Through partnerships with three organizations (Pencils of Promise, Camfed and Restore International), Project 7 would like to provide education for impoverished children.

  • Hope for Peace: They hope to help end bullying through their partnership with Rachel’s Challenge.


On their website, they report their current giving as the following:




















How I am impressed: This product is Made in the USA, it works with wonderful organizations and seems to have made substantial financial contributions across the board.


What I hope they will do better:  Obviously, I hope they will change to healthier ingredients. I'd love to see sustainability in their packaging and manufacturing as well as more transparent information readily available on their website. 

The overall rating scale:


On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Star Wars episodes one through three and 10 being Star Wars episodes four through six, how would I rate the...


Taste: 6.5. The biggest factors in this category are the sorbitol and the fun flavors. For me (Melissa) the taste of sorbitol will ruin anything. So that was a major ding. Brandon doesn't mind the artificial sweetener flavor as much, but even he thought it was a little distracting in the Grapefruit Melon gum. The flavors were fun and if you don't mind the sorbitol, pretty yummy. The only flavor of the three that we really loved was the Birthday Cake - it even managed to mostly mask the artificial sweetener taste. 

Design: 5. The packaging is cute and bright. I prefer it to clunky plastic cases that some tablet gum comes in. But honestly, I wasn't that impressed with the packaging. For a company that is totally based on giving back to society and the environment, you'd think there would be more effort to make eco-conscious packaging. 

Quality: 3. The ingredients are low quality and surprisingly unhealthy. Otherwise, the package is durable and the gum is a nice quality. 

Eco-Consciousness: 6. Again, I would expect more in terms of eco-conscious manufacturing and packaging. They do donate to organizations that plant trees throughout America.

Social impact: 8.5. They are purposefully Made in the USA, which is a big plus. They also partner with several great organizations that are doing good around the world. They make significant contributions to these organizations and are outwardly promoting social consciousness. 


Overall: 5.8. I love their mission, but they really need to improve their ingredients!

Project 7 Gum Review by Phil Orgs - see ingredient analysis, reactions to taste and an evaluation of the company's social and environmental consciousness.

This image is from the Project 7 website.

Thanks for reading!

Have you tried Project 7 gum, mints or gummies? Let us know what you think!

Feel free to add comments, questions or suggestions below. 

Photo Credit: Melissa


Thoughts from Janet:


"I would not chew it. First of all, it has artificial flavors, which are largely unregulated by the FDA. They can be manufactured in China and there is no requirement for ingredient listing within the one ingredient. Unfortunately, most artificial floors are preserved with petroleum by-products and those are HIGHLY carcinogenic. Even a trace amount has been known to increase certain cancer risks (like leukemia) up to 65%. So that would be a deal breaker for me. 


Second, Aspartame is a deal breaker for me as well. It is largely linked to neurologic disorder, like brain tumors and many other unknown interferences with neurological activity. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous artificial sweeteners on the market, and just because it takes decades to produce the studies required for banning a product, we are basically being the human guinea pigs of experimentation while they are making billions of dollars selling it. Not good stuff:/


Then there’s phenylalanine.... which is also a component of aspartame, so you’re getting double dose of it. It can be a neurotoxin at certain levels, again trace amounts can be dangerous. Phenylketonurics are the same as phenylalanine, but a little more severe. Neotame is supposedly even worse than Aspartame.


BHT is one of the worst, WORST preservatives. TBHQ and BHT are the two you should NEVER consume."

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