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As you know, our hope is to one day have a full investigative team that is able to dig into the true heart of the companies we want to support. For now, unfortunately, we have to rely on what we can find about a company through basic research. Sometimes, we’re going to have to trust a company based on what they are saying about themselves. So we are not claiming, in any way, to be strictly objective or to be the end-all stamp of approval. We are just going to do our best to find the companies that are at least better than the run-of-the-mill “Made in [a] China [sweatshop]” products. A lot of the companies we will write about will have some practices we don’t agree with, and we will be vocal about those aspects. But we feel that a company that has two strikes against it and three strikes for it is better than a company with all five against it.


So we are fully aware that some of the companies we write about will have negative components, though we do our best to find all-around amazing companies. Feel free to let us know what you think of a company and if you know something we don’t.


Here are our basic, general criteria for companies:


  1. A company absolutely must have a transparent production line and use only fair trade standards of work. Actually, we prefer better than fair trade standards. 

  2. A company must be doing something to benefit the global community. This could mean they are using recycled materials in their products, they have a buy one give one model or giving proceeds to a good cause.

  3. Even if the company is doing great things, the product has to be good quality, can't contain dangerous chemicals or promote excessively wasteful practices.

  4. A company must not be doing something that directly and negatively affects the global community. A company may donate proceeds to a good cause, while they are manufacturing in dangerous factories. Not gonna fly.


The criteria are simple. The greatest challenge comes in this question: which businesses do we trust? If a business isn’t laying out their entire production line, detailed budget and company policies, how do we really know what they stand for?


Until Phil Orgs has the resources to really address this question on a deep, investigative and comprehensive level, we’ll search within the following parameters:


  1. We are focusing on small businesses. It’s easier to tap into the true nature of a company when it is run by four buddies working out of their garage.

  2. We’re focusing on companies that have been referred by some other reputable source. Until we have the resources to do the digging ourselves, we rely on companies that have been vetted by other sources with similar criteria to us.

  3. We go with our gut. Yes, this is subjective. When I go onto a company site and it looks a little like one of those scams telling you to donate now in order to do something in some non-existent country… I’m going to go ahead and nix that one.


So because we are just doing our best for now, and some of it will be our personal preference, I want you to get to know us. Watch our videos, read our blog posts, get to know the people behind Phil Orgs. Just as we want other companies to be transparent, we are transparent ourselves. Feel free to reach out to us with questions, suggestions and feedback any time.



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We are creating the largest online marketplace for ethically and sustainably made goods. We blog about these companies to empower you to use your purchasing power to create a better world.

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We are creating the largest online marketplace for ethically and sustainably made goods. We blog about these companies to empower you to use your purchasing power to create a better world.

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