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Rose Gold

Brightening Primer Serum

Getting your skin ready before all the makeup goes on is often underrated - at least by me. You don't want to skip this crucial step. But if you're like me and you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, you also want to be extra careful what you're rubbing all over your face every day as part of your makeup routine.

Product Review



I've had a rough time with my skin lately. It's been dry and acne-prone. Those two components make it difficult to feel good about my makeup because it goes on rough and patchy. So, this has been a great time to test the primer serum. 


The product claims to:


  • Create a uniform canvas for flawless makeup                       ✓

  • Revive your skin                                                                         ✓

  • Be smooth and weightless                                                        ✓✓

  • Make your makeup brighter                                                      ✓

  • Make your makeup last longer                                                  ✓

  • Contain a bevy of natural beneficials and antioxidants           …        

  • Be like an energy boost for your face                                        …


My makeup definitely goes on nicer after I use the serum. Partly, it helps smooth out those rough skin areas. This also makes me feel like it is truly benefitting (or "reviving") my skin because my face feels smoother, subtly moisturized and calm (no red irritation).  


Some primers make my skin feel oily, others make it feel like I'm wearing another layer of a clown mask. This one is definitely smooth and doesn't feel like it's clogging up my pores.


Because my makeup goes on so much smoother and my skin is already nicer looking to start with, I actually use a lot less foundation (added bonus!). So in that sense, my makeup is less dense and less patchy, and therefore, brighter. 


And my favorite part, my makeup still seems to be existent toward the end of the day. My makeup lasts longer when I use the primer.


I can't speak directly to the last two points, except that the ingredients do seem beneficial and healthy.


In conclusion, perhaps it isn't significantly better working than Urban Decay or Tarte primers, but for $15.00 and the added bonus of social and eco-consciousness? I'm definitely going to re-buy. You can also try one of their other serums.


Janet's Note:


Incredible ingredients, it’s just fantastic.

Product Review

Head over to the main Pacifica blog page to see the company's social and environmental impact. We also have tons of other Pacifica products for you to check out!

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