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One Night for One Drop - Event Review

I was so privileged to be able to attend this event, I wanted to share a bit of the magic with all of you! I also did some research on the organization One Drop, read about that below...

One Night


The Smith Center looked regal in the midst of the Northern Las Vegas industrial architecture. Long dresses, soft lights and intellectual chatter welcomed us to the event. Expectations were high as we approached a custom McLaren 675LT patiently posing for pictures in the auditorium entry way, one-of-a-kind art begging for attention and an open bar serving eager attendees in true London theatre style. 

Brandon and I outside of the Smith Center. Read my review on Rent the Runway, where I got my dress.

To kick off the night, hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent to claim priceless items being peddled by a man in a tux speaking in authentic auctioneer form. I did my best to get the McLaren, starting the bidding at $50,000. It finally sold for $400,000 and I'm still bitter about getting outbid.


As the show started, the stage burst into color and energy. A story of a young man's journey to the well for water was artfully and creatively portrayed by the ever-impressive Cirque du Soleil crew. Miles “Baby Boogaloo” Brown, star of ABC’s Blackish, danced his way through a mysterious and eerie series of elaborate scenes.


Cirque never fails to amaze with incredible demonstrations of human strength and precision, otherworldly decor and intensely visceral music. The experience was only improved with guest appearances by Leona Lewis and members of the Blackish cast. 


The stage, through confetti after the show

Photo Credit: Brandon's selfie skills


The show didn't end when the cast bowed and confetti dropped (in heaps) from the ceiling. The post-show reception was held in a circus tent, styled as an Alice in Wonderland dreamscape, setting the tone for an enchanted, yet quirky party. What could better compliment the mystique of Cirque?

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Photo Credit: Brandon

One Drop was founded by Guy Laliberté, also a co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. Since 2008, the organization has been raising money to fund projects in Central America, Africa, India and locally in the United States. The One Night for One Drop 2016 event was specifically raising money to help conservation efforts for the Colorado River. 


The most notable part of this organization is their three-part approach to water projects in the developing world. They call it the A.B.C for Sustainability – access, behavior and capital. While the access component (improving infrastructure in communities) and the capital component (entrepreneurial and financial training and support) are methods widely used by other organizations, their behavior component is what sets them apart.


As described on the One Drop website, the behavior component speaks to their efforts to


“Use locally inspired social art forms to raise awareness, mobilize communities and influence positive behavioral change over the long term” – One Drop website.


The company also claims to be adamantly dedicated to integrity. They practice transparency by releasing full impact reports as well as financial statements for each year. While the 2015 report is not yet posted to the website, the 2014 report claims that 69% of the $14.1 million raised that year was dedicated to programs. Another 14% was designated to revenue generation and 7% was administrative.


If the statement is accurate, the capital that actually makes it to the recipients is fairly high.


One Drop has all the makings of a reputable charitable organization. If the ethos they outwardly portray is an indication of the true heart of the organization, we can have faith that they will make a difference around the world.

One Drop

The outside of the reception tent. Photo Credit: Brandon

Zowie Bowie performing at the reception. 

Photo Credit: Brandon

The reception. Photo Credit: Brandon

Smack in the center of the room was a stage, where, through the night, we enjoyed performances by artists like Natasha Bedingfield and Las Vegas’s Zowie Bowie. 

The walls were lined with incredible food prepared by A-list chefs: decadent Ethel M. chocolates made in solar powered factories, Wolf Gang Puck’s sweet, cinnamony take on a grill cheese sandwich, cotton candy in flavors you'd never imagined...


In the end, we walked away with a sack of candy and lavish treats (compliments of an enormous dessert table and my shameless boyfriend) a gift bag and an incredible candy dragon made just for me.


The event raised a total of $6.5 million. From a purely superficial stand point, it was a raving success and One Drop should have plenty of capital to do some good in the world of water conservation and sanitation. 

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