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New Year's

This all-inclusive list will help you class up everything for New Year's - from your shoes to your


written by Melissa Caputo


New Year's... the best excuse you'll ever have for wearing something a little crazy and very shiny. Not feeling the sequin dress? Grab a pair of these shoes to add glimmer to your outfit.

These shoes are from Fortress of Inca- a company that believes each and every person in the production process is just as important as the customer who purchases the shoes. They give fair wages and use premium natural and sustainable materials. Click on an image to visit the site and get your shoes! 


Speaking of New Year's glam... don't skimp on jewelry! Pick the perfect piece to give your outfit the drama and bling you can only get away with once a year.

Each of these pieces is from a company that ethically and sustainably manufactuers. They are all from different companies; click on the images to visit the sites and learn more!


Oh the possibilities for amazing New Year's outfits...These dresses (and the pantsuit) are handmade, ethically. Don't just show up in something that looks good, but something that also does good. Click on an image to visit the company's webpage. 


If you're slaving over elaborate appetizers and spending the big bucks on fancy cheese, make sure you have a beautiful way to serve them!


The following items are of course all ethically handmade from companies doing good in the world!


Speaking of fancy cheese... Obviously, you'll get most of your party food from local stores. But ordering these condiments from Beekman 1802 will significantly improve your party spread. Who wouldn't be impressed to see pink champaign jelly on the table??

Beekman 1802 sells products that are handmade locally in New York. They are passionate about empowering local artisans and farmers.


FAIR carries vodka, gin, run and three liquors. All of which are made using sustainable, fairly sourced ingredients. These beautiful bottles will not only fuel your party, but they'll tell an impressive story while they do. 

Happy New Year!

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