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Removing the single-use water bottle from your repetoire is only the first step to starting a new, sustainable daily routine. Try a reusable bottle that is safe, healthy and comes from a company that is trying to keep our green Earth green.

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Behind the Product

Mizu was created with professional athletes and life-long adventurers in mind. The company prioritizes durability, functionality and eco-consciousness, without compromising design and style. 


A reusable bottle is inarguably better than constantly emptying and tossing a single-use plastic bottle. It’s even better when you can buy a bottle that will last a lifetime. One-time cost to you. Lowest possible cost to the environment. So I won’t dive too much more into this topic; if you want to know more about my feelings on the subject, check out our segment on reusable bottles.


Mizu is intentional about reducing plastic waste. They not only provide the single-most key product for doing so, but they participate in other initiatives with this goal. They founded an organization called Protecting Where We Play (PWWP) with the following mission statement:


“...a non-profit organization committed to reducing pollution from single-use plastics by installing free-to-use Water Bars in the places where we play.” (PWWP home page)

















Despite the bright “Coming Soon” lettering pasted below the mission statement on an otherwise bare PWWP webpage, the Mizu blog explains that two locations have already received grants for free Mizu Water Bars. The retailer previously sold these Water Bars to retail locations, but as of the PWWP January 2016 launch, they will start distributing the stations for free.


The company also partners with other organizations like:








































When you purchase from specific collections, 1% of the profits from your purchase benefit one of these organizations. 1% is pretty low, but when you combine it with their free Mizu Water Bars, and other miscellaneous environmental projects, they may ultimately wind up having a decent impact for good. And who knows, maybe sometime soon they’ll up that percentage? We can only ask…

Waves for Water, Rob Machado project is focused on bringing clean drinking water to those in Haiti.

The Chill Foundation’s goal is to build self-esteem and skills is underprivileged youth through board sports.

Charity: water works in various countries and communities to bring clean, safe drinking water to those who need it.

Give Clean Water aims to provide sustainable clean drinking water to every person in Fiji. 

SIMA Environmental Fund supports oceanic environmental efforts.


Thanks for Reading

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One of my favorite, and practical, Christmas gifts of 2015 was a set of Mizu water bottles. It was my favorite because I am able to use it every day, and every day it reminds me of the thoughtfulness and integrity of my youngest child. It was a thoughtful gift because she wants me to be healthier by drinking more water and she wants that to be easier for me to do. The gift showed integrity because we care about social issues when purchasing products. Mizu conforms to many of our personal criteria for renewability, social responsibility and giving back to others.
























I’ve waited awhile to write this review so that I have genuine time tested relevant things to say. So here it goes…


The double walled stainless steel water bottle does as promised. It keeps my water cool and fresh for over 24 hours. There is no added flavor from the container itself – the water tastes the same as it does when filled, even days later - which I discovered one time when I forgot where I left it and found it days later! I have occasionally used it for hot coffee – which has stayed hot as promised.


It doesn’t leak! This is super important because I often take it in the car, where it falls over. Most other containers I have tried then proceed to leak all over my car and stuff.  But not the Mizu! It has even rolled off the seat, onto the floor of the car, landing UPSIDE DOWN without leaking. 



















It came in looking attractive with pretty blue painted on the lower half of the bottle. Six months later, it still looks like new. No dents, scratches or blemishes. I’m very pleased with the quality of the container and decoration. Granted it doesn’t get very hard handling from me – falling off the seat of the car was its roughest ride but I think it would hold up well to much worse wear and tear.


The smaller bottle I use less frequently. Being single walled and smaller, I reserve it for short, quick walks. It too has maintained its good looks over time. 


I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a stainless steel water bottle.



Overal Rating:

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being your younger sibling's first attempts at a musical instrument and 10 being a Chopin cello sonata in G minor, how would I rate the...


Feel: 7. It's easy to hold, though a little large. The finish is nice and smooth and it's comfortable to carry around. Nothing really outstanding to report though.  

Design: 7. There are many simple designs and everyone should be able to find something they like on the website. We particularly liked this very basic, pretty blue ombre. The overall bottle shape allows you to easily pour liquids and put ice in through the top. The interchangeable caps are really handy as well. 

Quality: 8. The bottle hasn't had any issues yet. It feels sturdy; I could drop it on rock from a distance while hiking and it wouldn't sustain any damage. The caps all fit tight and do not leak. 

Eco-Consciousness: 7.5. They are avid supporters of environmental efforts. The nature of the product itself is environmentally friendly. 

Social impact: 6.5. They support organizations trying to make an impact on the lives of kids and those needing clean water. 


Overall: 7.2


What's the best way to drink water? Find out on Phil Org's review of Mizu water bottles.
What's the best way to drink water? Find out on Phil Org's review of Mizu water bottles.

20 oz M6 Bottle (left) and the 27 oz V8 Bottle (right). Photo by Melissa.

Interchangeable caps. Photo by Melissa.

Mizu Water Bar picture from the Mizu Blog. Read about it on the Phil Orgs Mizu waterbottle review.

The Mizu Water Bar. Image from the Mizu blog.


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