Ethical Shopping Guide:


What Brands to Look for At Marshalls

written by Melissa Caputo

If I had no concerns about money, I would buy everything from companies that are super intentional and passionate about social causes and the environment. All purchases would be from companies that consider themselves social entrepreneurs, where global impact is top priority, even over profit.


Unfortunately, not only is it difficult to find everything I need from companies like this, I also cannot afford to shop that way. I think most people would likely resonate with this.


So I shop at my normal stores (mostly just Marshalls.... that's where I've been buying everything for years) and I seek out the best I can do on my budget.


My first priority when buying a product: is it made ethically? So, knowing that Marshalls doesn't have many options for socially conscious, eco conscious products, I look for products that are made in the USA. Even though there isn't a guarantee these products will be made ethically, it's much, MUCH more likely than products that are made in developing countries. Plus, I love supporting American manufacturing.


So most of the brands I'm listing below aren't AMAZING brands that I love. But they are brands that are likely ethically made and in my price range.


I wanted to clarify that before delving into this list. If you can, purchase from some of the other awesome, very intentional companies out there. But if you can't, at least check for these brands (and others) at your local Marshalls.


My young second cousin wanted to show off his spelling skills, so he typed this and I left it for all to admire: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


I will be updating this list as often as I find new brands to add.




Paddywax - This seems to be a popular brand in Marshalls, as I see it there pretty frequently. The candles are made in the USA, generally using soy wax (if not always). They have a line of candles that are poured in upcycled wine bottles, so the company shows some awareness of eco consciousness.


Langley Empire Candle - They proclaim to have great customer care and they are intentional about making their products in America.


Celerie Kemble - This is an interior designer, I couldn't find much on the ethos of her products. But it does say "Made in the USA" so there's that...


Manly Indulgence (MVP Group International) - The distributing company says on their homepage that they have domestic and international manufacturing, so they likely don't have an intentional commitment to American-made or even ethically-made. Perhaps their line of Manly Indulgence candles is intentionally made in the USA for ethics reasons, but I doubt it from what I found. But again, at least it is made in the USA!



I had 0 success looking up the clothing brands I've gotten purchased from Marshalls... so I can't give much additional information. Just look for a tag that says "Made in the USA" or "Made in America". I'm listing brands so it may help narrow down your results faster, but I have no guarantee if they are consistently made in the USA.


Thred Studio

J Story

Closet Studio




Unless otherwise noted, I actually have individual brand reviews on each of the following, so I'll just make a list of brands I find at Marshalls and link to the full review page.


Shea Moisture



Alba Botanica


Crystal Essence

Thanks for Reading!

Know of any good products at Marshalls? Please share?

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