Top 3 Tips for a MAD Makeover: Laundry Edition

How can you make your laundry room more People and Planet friendly?

by Rachael Krikorian

Executive Editor

Check the Ingredients

What goes into making our products impacts our lives, and our world, in more ways than we may realize. First, let's talk about toxins. There are thousands of chemicals in fragrances alone, many of which aren't even tested for human safety. Then you have known trouble-


makers like phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine, and dyes, which are thought to cause a myriad of issues from skin rashes all the way to cancer. But it's not just about what goes on our skin. The water used to wash our clothing goes back into the environment, carrying the chemicals with it, and causes damage that could last several lifetimes. That is why it's so important to CHOOSE NATURAL PRODUCTS that are safe for people, planet, and animals.

Biodegredable ingredient list for Fabric Softner

Ditch the Waste

Look for ways to PRODUCE LESS WASTE. You can DITCH YOUR DRYER SHEETS (which get thrown away after each use and are loaded with chemicals anyway) and switch to WOOLZIES (check out my review). Invest in ENERGY EFFICIENT EQUIPMENT (i.e. washer, dryer). You can also purchase a steam cleaner, which can help freshen up an item of clothing, thus cutting down on the number of times it needs to be washed. Make sure the packaging of all of the products you're purchasing can be RECYCLED when they're empty. Try a DRYING RACK and use your dryer less. Not only will this cut down on your PG&E bill (and reduce your carbon footprint), your clothes are less likely to shrink, which means you can eat that vegan cookie after all. ;)


Ditching the Waste Drying Rack

Make the Investment

It may take you a while to get your perfect laundry system in place, but once you do, I promise it will be worth it. The payoff is huge, both personally and globally. However, while I believe we should invest in the right products and practices, I would be remiss to not mention the very thing that inspired this topic: laundry. What I mean is, we should all INVEST IN QUALITY CLOTHING along with how we take care of it. It all starts with buying ethically made (i.e. Fair Trade), well-crafted clothing designed to last (not Fast Fashion). Of course, this goes for bedding, towels, linens, etc., as well. Start with the right stuff, then take care of it in the right way.


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Laundry that's eco friendly and ethcally made

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