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Klean Kanteen

There are so many options out there for reusable water bottles it's not hard to find a company that's doing good in the world and designing fantastic bottles. Klean Kanteen is just one in our line-up, but they are perfect for the outdoorsman looking to give a little back to the environment. 


Product Review


Behind the Product

Creating bottles that are safe, healthy and eco-conscious is the name of the game at Klean Kanteen. The operators of this family-owned business know how important it is to decrease the prevalence of single-use bottles. They also understand that it’s not only a matter of creating a healthy environment, but of keeping our bodies healthy as well. Instead of manufacturing reusable plastic bottles, they’ve created steel bottles that are safer and more durable. The stainless steel used is BPA-free and food-grade quality. It won’t leach anything dangerous into your food or drinks - a distinct possibility with plastic bottles.


Their care for the environment is seen in the types of organizations they partner with as well. Klean Kanteen gives back 1% to the environment through several partners. A few of their partner organizations are:




While 1% is a meager portion, the company has other endearing qualities. They make a strong effort to manufacture and distribute responsibly. While their factories are in China, they use various methods to ensure that all labor is safe, environmentally responsible and fair. They are a Certified B Corporation and they attain other third-party audits for social responsibility.


Distributing product leaves a footprint, but the company has purchased Renewable Energy Credits and carbon offsets as advised by a company called Green Mountain Energy (they advise companies on how to operate more sustainably). You can look at the details of these efforts on the Klean Kanteen site.


Out of the many water bottle companies I have researched, Klean Kanteen is one of the most forthright about their efforts to be sustainable and responsible. While I love my S’well bottle, I will likely pick Klean Kanteen next time I need to make a steel drinkware purchase.

This is an organization dedicated to finding solutions to the problem of plastic waste in the ocean. 

The Breast Cancer Fund works to illuminate the root causes of breast cancer and eliminate these factors before they can cause more harm.

Nature Bridge is an environmental education agency hoping to create better, sustainable practices in today's youth.



Check back in with us in a little while to see how the product held up over time.

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