The Honest Co.

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The Honest Co.

When you see The Honest Co.’s logo you may think that they’re just going to be honest about the ingredients in their product, or that they are just trying to pick an organic sounding name. But from what they present on their webpage, The Honest Co. is serious about honesty in all aspects of their business.


Product Review

I picked up this mouthwash at Marshalls on clearnace. 

Behind the Product

The company was founded by concerned parents hoping to create better products for their households. Honest Co. feels family-oriented, socially conscious and environmentally aware. But perhaps even more impressive, they feel alive and real. When reading this site, I don’t picture a design team and a marketing rep plotting how to best present a “green” and friendly persona so as to generate the most revenue. I imagine someone writing this content based on true convictions and passions.


This ethos is well presented in the About Us pages of the website. I drooled over the “Our Principles” page; it spoke to so many of the issues I have with most companies these days: poor customer service, inaccessible prices, lack of responsibility and of course, honesty. The Honest Co. is striving to give you an all-around great experience based on respect and trust. That alone makes me appreciate and want to support this company.


But even more than a great ethos and transparency-centered approach, the company acts on their principles of social and environmental responsibility. As we talked about briefly in the Product Review section, the ingredients in the products are healthy and wholesome. This is their current list of ingredients that they will not use at all:


Beyond the actual ingredients, the way they package and explain their ingredients is fantastic. It’s a little difficult to see, but here is an image of the ingredients list on the mouthwash:


Each item is explained in parenthesis. So not only are you getting good ingredients, but you know why the ingredient is in this product.


There are plenty of other wonderful qualities, but for the sake of brevity, I will just quickly list out the main points. The Honest Co strives to:


  • Provide highly effective products

  • Maintain corporate social responsibility through “charitable partnerships, working with advocates on promoting policy changes that better protect our children and planet, and supporting the efforts of our employees with paid community service days and direct matches of non-profit donations.” (The Honest Co. website, “Our Principles” page)

  • Reduce the presence of toxic chemicals in our bodies and our environment

  • Minimize waste to protect natural resources

  • Promote social justice

  • Source renewable and sustainable materials

  • Maintain close control over product lines

  • Use re-usable, recyclable and recycled materials

  • Use solar power

  • Promote eco-friendly transportation

  • Ship efficiently and as eco-friendly as possible


They partner with several organizations such as:


And in addition to all of that they are:


  • Cruelty Free

  • Vegan

  • B Corp Certified

  • And more!


You’ll have to visit their site to get the full breadth of information provided. Safe to say, I like what I’m seeing! Now I need to get more products to try out.










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