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At Grace and Lace, you can find clothing that is on point with the latest trends. Into ponchos and boot socks and chunky scarves? Not only are the clothes cute and ethically made, but a portion of every sale supports an organiztion called Angel House that builds orphanages in India. 

Behind the Product

Product Review

I've personally tried out two products. I hope to try out more in the future though, so check back in to see what else I've reviewed later on.



So Ponchos are the new thing right? 


Feel: This particular poncho is super thick and soft. It’s actually warm to wear and makes me want to tuck my arms into it and cuddle. The cowl neck is also comfy. No itch and no wimpy, thin fabric.


Design: The poncho is not excessively large or baggy, which I appreciate. It ends just below my hips. So I can wear something baggy and a bit oversized without feeling entirely swallowed by my clothes. It feels like an item that was truly designed for a woman's body and tested by women. 


The cowl neck adds a unique detail to the classic poncho design. And I love all the pattern/color options available online. 


Quality: Everything seems to be top notch in terms of quality. Like I said, the fabric is thick and soft, the knit and stiching is professional and durable. I've worn this piece several times and still have no complaints whatsoever. 


Is it worth it?


I'd say this is a worthy purchase. Unlike some ponchos, I don't feel like I could just wrap a blanket around myself and get the same affect. It's a quality, unique and exceedingly comfy piece that is just classy enough to be a lifelong member of your winter wardrobe. 



The other fad of this past winter was the chunky scarf. So what if you could get a chunky scarf and a poncho in one purchase?


Feel: This fabric is so soft and comfy. If you're not needing a scarf or a poncho, just wrap it around you and cuddle with it like a blanket - it's almost large enough. The fabric isn't particularly thick (not nearly as warm as the Cowl Neck Poncho), but if you had it bundled around your neck as a chunky scarf, the layers would certainly keep you toasty. 


Design: The versatile design makes this a useful addition to your fall/winter wardrobe. It can be worn as a scarf, poncho, cape... blanket? It is essentially a large piece of fabric with strategically placed leather and plastic toggle closure. The fabric is soft and the patterns are all trendy and cute. 


Quality: While the knit itself is soft, slightly fuzzy and well-done, the finish on the piece was slightly sub-par. One edge of the scarf seems to be unfinished and the threads are pulling out. This is the only problem I can see, but eventually, it will wear on the piece. 


Is it worth it?


While a fun addition to my closet, I wouldn't buy this product again. The simplicity of the design makes me feel like I could make this myself. Granted, you'd miss out on their quality knit and cute colors/patterns, but I'd still rather spend the $35 on something more substantial. 

Overall Rating: 

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being unbelievable, how would I rate the...


Feel: 9. Both pieces are incredibly soft and comfortable. 

Design: 8. The styles are trendy, though still unique in little ways. The poncho scarf is designed to be extremely versatile and the cowl neck poncho is surprisingly flattering. The little details make a huge difference in setting these products apart. 

Quality: 8. It's designed well. Everything fits and flows and nothing feels awkward. Check in on the Product Longevity section to see how the products held up against the test of time.

Eco-Consciousness: 4. The company has no outward commitment to being eco-conscious, though they don't seem to be doing anything particularly threatening to the environment.

Social impact: 7. Many items are Made in the USA. The clothes that are not manufactured here are made in ethical working conditions. The company donates proceeds to Angel House to build orphanges in India and they update their customers on the progress they've made. 


Overall: 7.2


Behind the Product

Grace and Lace is run by a couple empowered through tradegy to triumph. Their mission is to not only produce high quality clothing, but also to make a difference in the lives of the children of India. They have partnered with Angel House in order to support the building of orphanges. 


When I inquired about the manufacturing of products, I was told that most products are made here, but not all. Socks and knitted items are outsourced to Asia, but team members regularly visit to make sure the work environment is safe. 

Angel House was founded with the intention of improving the lives of orphans in India. Seeing the extreme poverty and massive population of orphans, founders Lindsay and Dominic decided they would build orphanages. They build safe homes and fill it with everything the kids may need. They help the children attend school, they build fresh water wells and make sure that the houses are run by local people who will love and cherish the children living there. They follow up and maintain these homes to ensure the children are living prosperously throughout their time in the orphanage.


Want to learn more or get involved? Check out their website here.


Product Longevity

Check back in a couple of months to see how the products hold up in the long run. 

Thanks for reading.

Tried a Grace and Lace product?

Tell us about it!


As always, feel free to comment with suggestions or questions. 

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