10 Twitter Accounts

for Global News

There is no excuse to not keep up with global news these day. Social media is no longer reserved for engagement announcements, pictures of lattes and everyone else’s baby photos. Our Twitter feeds are filled with relevant political and social news and we should take advantage of this fast-paced, compact medium. So here are some Twitter account suggestions to help you keep up with what's going on in the world:

10 Best Twitter Accounts for Global News, including the United Nations Twitter.

A screenshot of the United Nations Twitter page.

United Nations (@UN) - No matter what your political opinions are regarding the UN, it is a major player in international politics. Their general meetings and committee discussions reveal some of the most prominent issues in global politics. Their Twitter account highlights these topics, though you may need to follow the links to get the truly useful information. 


TIME (@TIME) - This magazine’s Twitter page is certainly riddled with arguably trivial headlines (though maybe you find the Skrillex remix of Colbert’s monologue truly important?), but the information on world events they post is delivered in such concise, digestible tidbits you’ll appreciate this account as a news source.


CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) -The news channel is an obvious pick for nonstop global and U.S. event coverage. Just be sure to balance it out with your conservatively biased news source Fox News.


Fox News (@FoxNews) - If you’re into balancing your media in order to get a rounded point of view, follow all the major news channels and interpret your global news after evaluating the multiple, biased perspectives. 


Human Rights Watch (@hrw) - This source provides a slightly different filter for world news. You won’t find the minute-to-minute updates of the major news channels, but you will be presented with challenging questions and important global issues. 


BBC News World (@BBCWorld) - Though it releases a great deal of it’s own content, this BBC news source also retweets information from many different sources. It brings in the latest in tech, sports and breaking news.


CBS News (@CBSNews) - A straightforward feed reporting the latest in local and world news. Providing almost exclusively it’s own content, you’ll get the typical amount of click bate mixed with breaking news headlines. 


BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) - Known for their appeal among the younger generations, BuzzFeed News manages to curate a Twitter page filled with high quality news and relevant, direct quotes for many of the stories. 

New York Times World (@nytimesworld) - This source will give you a slightly more developed take on world events as they release well-groomed stories on international news. 


The Associated Press (@AP) - The major news sources will be vying for coverage on all the top events, but in the meantime, The Associated Press is also releasing reports on other lesser known events. 

10 Best Twitter Accounts for Global News, including the Fox News Twitter.
10 Best Twitter Accounts for Global News, including the BuzzFeed News Twitter.

A screenshot of the Fox News Twitter page.

A screenshot of the BuzzFeed News Twitter page.

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