How well do you know her?

Stakes are high for Valentine's Day. Will you know exactly what she wants or are you going to biff it hard with your gift this year?

We'll start off easy...
In the morning does she prefer to drink...

This little walk through will guide you to gifts your girl will actually want. We know it's hard guys, so we want to help. But we also kind of want to laugh at how hopeless you can be. So go through these questions, try to pick the best answers (knowing that no girl is really going to fit in this box... it's like a college test, pick the best answer, even if both work) and be rewarded with gift ideas. If you want to help yourself out, go through the questions with your girl and let her witness how awesomely well you know her (or let her gawk at your obliviousness). 

Mariposa Coffee Company. She'll love you forever because this is the smoothest, richest and all around best coffee she's ever going to have. It's from a small family-owned business that strives to be as eco & socially conscious as possible. They are very generous and support many good causes.

Bhakti. This Mango Lime Matcha Sparkling Tea is not your typical tea. She'll be impressed. This brand practices sustainability, it is a social justice warrior. Buy their drinks from a Whole Foods or a Sprouts near you.

Is she a cat person or a dog person?

The way to a heart of a pet girl is through, well, her pets. Short of getting her a puppy for Christmas, the cutest thing you can do is get her pet a toy.

Paws en Vogue. This company makes dog and cat toys from organic, eco-friendly materials. Many of the products are handmade. And all of them are cute :)

Does she want to be in the kitchen or at the table?

R Murphey Knives. Knives for Christmas? Yes, knives for Christmas. For anyone who loves cooking, good knives make a big difference! This is something she probably wouldn't ever invest in herself, so buy her a set (or at least a couple) of high quality, handmade, American-made knives.

Find a cool local bakery. Something small, family-owned and ethnic. Get her a bunch of stuff she's never had and enjoy some interesting treats together.

Would she rather be out and about or cozy at home?

Tickets to somewhere. Maybe you can't afford to buy her a full-blown vacation for Christmas, but you can get her any number of experiential gifts. A road trip to the town next door, paddle boarding rentals, a surprise ice skating adventure. Anything!  A girl who loves being out-and-about will love this.

American NomadShe's a homebody?Then she'll want to cuddle up with a super soft, cozy, handmade blanket. Your purchase empowers an artisan living with restricted opportunities.

A little harder now,
If you're going to travel somewhere, is it to the...

Naja. Bathing suits aren't really a Christmas thing, but hey, if she's just waiting for summer to come back around, she won't mind switching it up. Just make sure any suit you get her is exchangeable... Everything from Naja is handmade by single moms looking for sustainable work.

When she creates art, which one does she pick up?

Hiptipico. This camera strap is made out of a repurposed belt, discarded by local Mayan weavers in a small Guatemalan town. Hiptipico supports local artisans who repurpose materials into beautiful products. 

So it's classic that every girl's favorite sweet is chocolate, but what kind of chocolate?

Beekman 1802. This company has many, many products, mostly made by artists local to the New York Area. These chocolates encase goat milk caramels. Unique? Yes. Elegant? Yes.  

A little harder now,
Does she like to smell sweet like flowers or fresh like citrus and laundry? 

Pacifica. This company has all its ducks in a row: they practice sustainability, they make (in the USA) natural, healthy, toxin-free skin care and they give back to womens shelters in their community. Get your girl a gift set from Pacifica and you'll do us all a favor.

Gold jewelry or silver jewelry?

Half United. For each item purchased, 7 meals are donated to children in need. Plus these cute earrings are elegant, simple and meaningful. 

So, how'd you do? I guess you won't know until Christmas day (unless you actually had your S.O. take this quiz with you in which case, you cheated... ) so here's to hoping you didn't biff it this year!

To save yourself some worry, get her an ethically made, eco-conscious product. If nothing else, she'll appreciate how hard you tried and she'll know her gift has a great story behind it. For more gift ideas visit our Ethical Gift Guide for Her

Thank you for reading!

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