girl boss

Rose Gold Push Pins

Inspired Flower on Etsy


A simple little thing for when you're on a budget! Every organization guru can use push pins (or magnets), and they'd probably never think to buy such pretty ones for themselves! These are expertly handmade, so you know they'll last. 

Black Lola Nail Wraps

SoGloss on Etsy


These nail wraps are handmade and nicely packaged, perfect for a gift! Keeping yourself together, and your nails perfect, is the purvue of every girl boss. 

Delicious Coffee

Mariposa Coffee Company


Caffeine. Need. Must. Have. This smooth, fresh, bold coffee is roasted in small-batches by none other than my father. This coffee is so good they have to ship it all over the world!

Business Card Holder

Glass Ladder Co. on Etsy


If she has business cards, she's serious. If she has a gold metal business card holder??? She's totally legit. This one is handmade in the USA and can be personalized!

Super Hydration Sleepover Mask



You know she's running around like crazy, but still has to look good. This hydration mask is perfect for #girlboss. It is made in the USA with great, natural and safe ingredients.

Caffeine Eye Cream

100% Pure


Oh yeah, and let's stave off those under eye bags while we're at it! This will make her look more awake and feel better in her next meeting! 100% Pure has fantastically high quality and nourishing ingredients.

Vibrant Lipstick in Blaze



This lipstick is girl boss red and made with pure, safe ingredients like shea and mango butter. Made in Canada, cruelty free, vegan and packaged sustainably. 


Nova Studs Black

Mata Traders



These earrings are handcrafted in a fair trade coop in India with resin and gold-plated brass.

Midnight Drop Earrings

Mata Traders



These earrings are sophisticated yet edgy and bold. They make a statement whether you're going into the office or sitting at home with your glam blouse and PJ pants. They are handcrafted in a fair trade coop in India with upcycled bone and gold-plated brass.


the Tessa dress

Imagine Goods


Every girl can use a basic black dress in a classic siloughette. But a boss girl may get more use out of it. Plus, it matches all the other goodies we have in this list! Imagine Goods wants to help empower artisans to find sustainable employment. This dress was made by someone who was born into a refugee camp in Thailand (one for those fleeing the Khmer Rouge genoicide).

Hair Pin

Tribe Alive




Your purchase helps employ marginalized women artisans who make each piece of Tribe Alive jewelry. 18kt gold-plated brass.

Riviera Collar Necklace

Purpose Jewelry



This necklace is handcrafted by women escaping sex trafficking and 100% of the proceeds of its sale go to support artisans at the International Sanctuary - this organization provides fully rounded support for the artisans, including skills training, counseling and many other services. Available in a thin gold and thick gold.

iWood Design on Etsy

Desk Organizer


This sleek design not only looks great, but is extremely useful. It's finished with non-toxic paints so as to be safe and environmentally conscious. Handmade in Ukraine!

Relaxed Poplin Shirt



Everlane's clothing is ethically made in verified factories. This company is all about radical transparency, versatile basics and eco-conscious fabrics. This white button-up is a standard for any wardrobe, especially a professional.

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The Everyday Pant

Tribe Alive




Your purchase helps employ marginalized women artisans who make each piece of Tribe Alive clothing. This is made of cotton with an elastic waistband. These are also available in cream.

Heidis Vintage Decor

Olympia Dee Lux Typewriter


This vintage typewriter may not be the most practical purchase... but it is super awesome either way! 

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The Audrey




Veerah has fantastic heels and on top of it, they make interchangeable accessories so that one pair becomes several pairs. It is ethically made with all sustainable and vegan materials. 

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