Ethically Made Gifts

for Her

Jewelry and some apparel

For each product purchased from this site, 7 meals are donated to a child in need. Items are made in the USA.

Coffee beans and misc

Small family-owned coffee roasters that work to be socially responsible and eco conscious. They are generous and the coffee is superb.

Bath and body, makeup

Lush is... lush. They have natural, nourishing, eco-friendly, healthy products that are handmade, ethically and sustainably. Their products are wonderful and fun, making them a great gift.

Headbands and wraps.

These headbands are handmade from upcycled clothing by refugees. 100% of the profits go to organizations that are combating human trafficking. This company is awesome on all accounts.


Beautiful jewelry that is handmade by young women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

Clothing and accessories

This particular dress looks just perfect (so comfy), but really everything in the Krochet Kids shop would make a great gift. All items are handmade by women who are given sustainable options for ascending out of poverty. 

Beanies and hats

This company is passionate about fighting pediatric cancer. 50% of profits go toward this mission. All hats are made in the United States.

Full marketplace

They sell products across the spectrum - all artisan made locally in New York. One section of their marketplace that has many fun gift possibilities is the "food" section. This champagne jelly would make any foodie excited.

Rain boots

These boots are ethically made and for each boot purchased, a pair of boots is given to a child in need.

Makeup and cosmetics

These products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural, healthy, non-toxic and made in the USA. They would make great presents for anyone wanting to add some sophistication to their skincare routine.


Oscar Mike employs vets and donates to organizations supporting vets. Their shirts are made in the USA. 

Lingerie, swim and athletic wear

Beautiful undergarments handmade by women who are single heads of households. Many pieces (such as this awesome sports bra) are made eco-friendly as well.

Nail Polish

Nail polish that is made in the USA without all the normal toxins.  

Jewelry and handbags

All products are made by women who have overcome adversity. Your purchase makes an impact and you get a beautiful product out of the deal. 

Fake lashes and other makeup

Makeup is formulated without toxins and harmful chemicals. For each pair of lashes sold, one is given to someone going through chemotherapy.  

Overall marketplace

This marketplace has hundreds of products, all made in fair trade conditions by artisans around the world..  

Accessories, shoes, clothing

A thoughtful, unique gift would be a camera or guitar strap made in traditional Guatemalan artisanal style. The accessories and shoes from Hiptipico are hand-woven by artisans working to break the cycle of poverty.  

Bags and wallets

All bags are handmade from upcycled feed bags. Fun, different and all ready for an Instagram picture. 


Switch it up and get her a handmade leather laptop sleeve made in Ethiopia from locally sourced leather. 

Headphones and speakers

These earbuds and speakers are handmade from real wood. The company works with nonprofits to distribute hearing aids to people in need. 

Thanks for reading!

Good luck on your shopping!

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