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Pacifica Future Youth Enzymatic Resurfacing Mask

To be honest, "enzymatic resurfacing mask" didn't really mean anything to me when I first read this label. I was like "Mmmkay. Sure."

So here, I'll interpret for the rest of you: the enzymes in healthy super foods like kelp, kale and papya are concentrated in this peel-esque mask in order to remove dead skin and give your skin a fresh "surface". You're welcome.

Product Review

If purchased at the full online price, the full-size container costs $18. This container would likely last quite awhile based on the amount of product you need for each use. So if you're in the market for something to brighten and revive your skin on a bi-monthly or monthly interval, this would be a good choice. It certainly softened my skin without being too harsh. 

I don't purchase products like this for myself, but I would recommend it to others.

Behind the Product

Head over to the main Pacifica blog page to see the company's social and environmental impact. We also have tons of other Pacifica products for you to check out!

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