Found Clothing Installment 3

The lovely Drea Driver did a shoot with me to showcase a third found clothing piece. She got so many great shots of this dress, I hope you enjoy them!

In the last two installments of the found clothing project, we talked about two reasons why second-hand clothing is good for you to buy: it decreases waste and it doesn't make as direct a contribution to the fast fashion industry. 

Now I'd like to talk about a third reason that may hit closer to home: purchasing second-hand clothing is a smarter purchase all around.

The fashion market is largely composed of major, international retailers selling poorly made clothing at a reasonably low price. The fast fashion industry pushes consumers to buy all-new clothing each season. In order to reach the masses (not just the wealthy upper class), the retailers need to start selling clothing for cheaper (so people can afford to come back each season). This pushes manufacturers to make clothes faster and cheaper. 

Not only does this have major repercussions on the ethicality of manufacturing, but it also results in much lower quality clothing.

So not only are you pressured to purchase new clothing every few months, you're purchasing clothes that are made poorly, will fall apart after a few washes and never really fit you well in the first place. 

Sound like a good deal?

Honestly, Forever 21 used to be my go-to store and the clearance rack was my main supplier. But by the time I finished purchasing new clothes over and over again, several times a year, never quiiiite satisfied with what I got, I was spending far more than I do now. 

Now, I make a few smart purchases at a time and invest in high-quality clothing that will last a lifetime. 

To make an even bigger bang for my buck, I purchase pre-loved high quality clothing. Not only will the clothes still last years and years, but I paid a fraction of the original sales price. 

I've been purchasing second-hand clothing for quite awhile now. There may be a stigma around second-hand, but it's totally inaccurate. All the purchases I have made resulted in great clothes that are clean and like new. I feel comfortable in them. 

So why not give your wallet a break and try finding some pre-love classics.

If you want more reasons to purchase pre-loved clothes, read our other installments.

Thanks for reading.

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