Found Clothing

Intallment 2

Wonderful Jen Blades did a shoot with me so we could show off another piece of found clothing. We want you guys to see how good second-hand can look!

As I explained in Installment 1, "found clothing" is what I call clothes that I have discovered on resale apps, in second-hand stores, by scouring someone's grandma's closet, etc. We also talked about one benefit to buying second-hand clothes: you're helping create less waste by keeping things out of the landfill longer. 


Fast Fasion is a phenomenon basically arising out of the general public's desire to have new clothing for each season. This is propagated by the fashion industry itself, touting new "must have" fashions every few months, turning their noses up to last season's designs. The consumer then believes that they need to trash their old clothes and buy the new ones or they won't look good. 

Not only does this lead to an incredibly wasteful industry, it leads to an increased demand on textile manufacturers. They have to make more and make it faster in order to keep up with the seasonal demand. And, because clothing is being sold at a cheaper and cheaper rate (in order to make non-cyclical seasonal clothing trends accessible to the middle and lower class), the manufacturers are having to continually cut costs - resulting in lower quality clothes, less investment into facilities and severely decreased wages for workers. 

You all likely know this about today's textile industry. You've heard all the disparaging articles about how evil the clothing manufacturers are. I'm not necessarily placing the blame on one segment of the industry; I think there are a lot of co-contributing factors. And one of those factors is the consumer. 

When we purchase new, cheaply-manufactured clothing every season, we are jumping into the vicious cycle of fast fashion. We are putting our dollars into the hands of those who will perpetuate the cycle. 

So step away from it. Purchase high-quality, ethically manufactured clothing and use it for years and years. Or, purchase pre-loved clothes.

Do it. We promise you'll look good.

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