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Local Christmas Markets

Since we can’t possibly know the local events in your area, we’re just going to share some hints for how you can find some cool local markets! Plus, we just want to encourage you to try out a local market this Christmas season, because, I mean... LOOK at THAT. How gorgeous and Christmasy!


Not only can you take in some amazing Christmas vibes at one of these markets, but often times, it's also a great opportunity to support artisans in your area! I actually love local craft fairs. I need to find one here in Vegas... to the keywords!


The real key to finding some good local markets is Googling the right thing. Try:

  • Christmas Craft Fair

  • Christmas Artisan Fair

  • Christmas Market

  • Pop-up Fair Trade Store

  • Pop-Up Craft Market

Some places may not be the best at advertising craft fairs, but you can check the sites and social media of:

  • Community centers

  • College campuses

  • Churches

  • Local fairgrounds

  • Shopping malls


Thanks for reading!

Do you have some suggestions? Will you pick up any of these items?

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