EO® Certified Organic Deodorant Spray Citrus



When my sister first asked me to try out and review this product I begrudgingly agreed. You know, out of sisterly love. And free deodorant. But mostly the love thing.

My reluctance stemmed from the product’s unusual scent— a blend of lavender, grapefruit, geranium, rosemary and vetiveria zizanoides (don’t worry; I had to google this too). First of all, it’s a stretch to call this a citric deodorant considering grapefruit is the only thing citrusy about it (the vetiveria ziz-something-or-other is a grass). Secondly, I worried it would make my armpits smell like the herbal section of Whole Foods.


So, how did it work?


Let’s first check out the claims.


This product claims to:


  • Eliminate order

  • Have a crisp, refreshing citrus scent

  • Keep you staying fresh


Doesn’t seem too complicated, right? But is it effective?


Step 1: Remove cap and spray deodorant on underarms. Okay, I LOVE this part. It’s quick, easy, and leaves no residues whatsoever. I definitely FEEL light and fresh. Sure, I smell like my earthy, kale-loving yoga instructor Beth, but the scent wanes a few seconds after applying.


Step 2: Work all day, then come home and change into gym clothes, without reapplying the deodorant. The scent has faded almost to the point of nonexistence. Hooray! AND no B.O.! But don’t get too impressed just yet. It’s time to run three miles.


Step 3: Sniff test. There is a slight twinge of salty sweat, but honestly, I don’t smell bad! I mean, I don’t smell like a Hawaiian Sea Breeze or Mystic Melon, BUT I don’t smell like Big Foot either. Or, for that matter, lavender, grapefruit, geranium, rosemary, or vetiveria ziz-watchamacallit.


Bottom line: I don’t smell great, but I don’t smell bad.


How does it match up to its claims?


Grade: A-


  • Eliminate order                         Yes

  • Crisp, citrus scent                    Not so much.

  • Keep you staying fresh            Yes



Not fresh as a daisy, but still pretty fresh.




Basically, while nixing harsh chemicals and irritants found in other deodorants, and only using organic ingredients, this product prevents you from smelling like a sweaty mess, even while being… well… a sweaty mess.


Would I buy it again?


Unfortunately, no. While this product held its own (I’ve been using it for a week), it’s not for me. Yes, it’s easy to use and effective, but I‘m still not crazy about the scent. Is that nit-picky? Maybe. But if I’m going to shell out seven bucks for deodorant, I want to smell like a tropical sunrise. Or at least something sweet like vanilla and coconut. But will I recommend it to Beth? Absolutely.


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