Natural Cleaning


Ditch the expensive toxic cleaners.

written by Melissa Caputo

When I decided to make my own cleaners, I did have a small lingering feeling... are these really going to get the job done? I'm helping Brandon clean his AirBnB every week (it's also his home and a place I hang out a ton). So the last thing I want is ineffective cleaners. 


And let's admit it, there is something very comforting about cleaning with store-bought, chemically, fuming products. It makes me think "ha! The dirt and germs could not have survived that!"

But then there is the flip-side. Who knows what you are covering your house in from floor to ceiling, coating the places you eat, your dishes, your clothes and bed, not to mention the air... What we do know is this:

Compared to DIY cleaners, most store bought cleaners are

  • A higher risk of being bad for your health 

  • A higher risk of being bad for pets

  • More expensive

  • More likely to be bad for the environment (aka. the septic and water system that services YOUR own home, the air your family breathes, etc.)

Instead of making my own video (at least for now), I'm linking a bunch of other Youtubers and their different takes on cleaning solutions. 

My Kitchen Cleaning Tips by Rachel Talbott

She shows her cleaning routine and how she does it with a few simple ingredients.

My Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide by holistichabits

She goes through some of the root ingredients you can use to make your natural cleaning products, basic recipes and random tips. 

15 Awesome Cleaning Hacks + DIY Natural Cleaning Products by VasseurBeauty


She goes through some really easy cleaning hacks. She talks about a few recipes with minimal, simple ingredients.  

Thanks for reading.

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How to make the Best Homemade Cleaners by ClutterBug

She goes through exact recipes for several different cleaners and has a printable ingredient list for y'all. 

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