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Welcome to a new segment! I want a little column here for anyone else who's a die-hard conscious consumer (no matter your particular sets of values) to share problems that other people might not understand. Sounds elitist, but it's a real thing! We're weird people and not everyone gets our struggles.


Today's topic: I think it's so meaningful when my friends and family mention products they think would be MAD approved (even if they're not). Has someone who doesn't usually shop your same values gotten you a gift they think aligns with your standards, even if it doesn't? What was it and what did you do? 


My Story: Not that I'd ever expect people in my life to buy only things I approve of, but I imagine I can still be a huge pain to shop for. My poor fiance does such an amazing job trying to understand it all even though he doesn't feel passionate about ethical manufacturing like I do.

This weekend he took me to Target and bought me..... drumroll.... a Soda Stream!


I stood there, amazed at the size of this surprise gift, protesting the purchase. He countered me with, "This is so much better for the environment, think about all the plastic bottles we'll save by getting this". He was thinking about the environmental concerns I raise every time we buy a fun bottled drink. In that moment, I couldn't help but smile and humbly agree. I felt so honored that he put the effort into understanding my point-of-view and trying to shop according to my values.


This isn't a purchase I would have made for myself, and it's not a product I'd endorse for MAD Market (ethical manufacturing is always my first priority

despite sustainability), but I love it. Now, all we talk about is how much sparkling water I can drink without having to waste any plastic. 


Honestly, it's things like this that make him excited to try to find more I would like. If I was super strict, always shutting him down, I doubt he would ever have cared much to try. Not only is that not necessarily fair to impose on your partner (a whole topic in itself), I'd inevitably just overwhelm and annoy him.

I'm so honored every time someone has done something like that for me. Thanks all! And special thanks to Brandon!

 Thanks for reading! 

What do you think? Have you had an experience like this? Let's chat in the comments!

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