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Manic Panic Mermaid Hair

Millennials are known for many things: obsessive social media use, overconsumption of avocados, killing Barnes and Nobles, 70s vibe hipster fashion accessories and now, in more recent years, a massive rise in the use of bright hair colors. 

Hair stylists remember the days when only those on the fringe of fashion- the artists, the punk rockers, the moody goth teenagers -would color their hair bright blue and pink. But now, we've made it mainstream. So much so that coloring your hair a single hue of purple isn't bold enough. We now need hairstyles that imitate sunsets and harken to the undeniable existence of unicorns, mermaids and fairies. 

BAR RAISED. THANKS MILLENNIALS. I mean, I'm a millennial, but still. Thanks guys *rolls eyes knowing that millennials do truly ruin everything*.

So in order to keep up with this crazy world (and to fulfill my boyfriend's request), I decided to bleach my hair into its dry, yellowy grave, attempt to correct that yellow with a hazy blue paste and then spend a few more hours creating what I felt was a masterpiece of varying blue, greens and purples.

I'm using exclusively Manic Panic products for this review. If you'd like to know why, check out my company profile on them. 

The Experience 


I picked up the Manic Panic Bleach Lightning Kit, Virgin Snow Toner and three colors from my local Sally's Beauty. It cost about $50- certainly not cheap, but cheaper than going to a salon. 

I had to go back to the store to get a second bleach kit, adding another $10 to the purchase. 

To see the process and hear my thoughts, watch the three videos below. I'll also type out my final thoughts for anyone wanting to zip to the review.

The Review

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Into Gaming?

The Manic Panic Bleach Lightning Kit is a good option for someone who, on a whim decides to dip-dye the ends of their hair, add color for a one-time costume or just wants to live out an angsty teenage desire. It comes with all the tools you'd need as someone who hasn't bleached or dyed their hair before, including a brush, plastic mixing container, gloves and hair cap.

It is not good for people who may make a habit of bleaching their hair or may want to have bleach available to touch up their roots. It's one-time use and pretty pricey compared to the cost of a bottle of developer and a container of bleach powder.

As far as the actual bleach itself... it's pretty straight forward. Nothing stands out good or bad. It's just bleach and developer and works just about the same as any other bleach I've tried.

The Virgin Snow Toner was unimpressive to me. If your hair is bleached to white, this would probably take out any small remainder of yellowish tone. But it really did not do enough to my hair to make it at all worth while. If you're not planning on going really, really light with your bleached hair, skip this product. I have a toning shampoo that worked better. 


The actual dye resulted in fun, beautiful colors that turned out really pigmented and rich on my hair (even when it wasn't lighted to platinum).  They were easy to use, easy to mix together and pretty true to their color descriptions. 

For cons, it didn't last very long and the color faded pretty significantly with the first two washes. I didn't even shampoo the ends of my hair, conditioned sparingly and I washed in cold water. And it still didn't last as long as some of my other dyes. 

In conclusion, I think these products are good options if they have a particular color you want or they are just more accessible to you. Otherwise, I'd go with another brand like Arctic Fox or Lunar Tides.


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