5 Conscious Bathroom Swaps

Let's give Your bathroom a conscious makeover

by Rachael Krikorian,

MAD Market Executive Editor 

I know, you don't give your bathroom all that much thought. But that actually makes it the perfect candidate for a MAD makeover! It's surprisingly easy to start swapping in some more conscious products...


Make your TP a little more ECO. By now, most of realize the need to cut down on paper products. But few of us think about saving trees when we're wiping our bums. Well, we should. Especially when we consider how many times the average person uses toilet paper. Even the most irregular of us goes through a lot. And combined, Americans alone use approximately 36 billion rolls a year. That's billion with a b. That's a lot of TP (notice the rhyme there?). So, you could invest in a bidet-- if you can get used to that sort of thing. The only one I've ever tried was a bit... let's just say, aggressive. Or, you can simply switch to a more sustainable option like 100% biodegradable organic bamboo or 100% recycled paper (with no inks or dyes, of course). This goes for your paper towels and tissues as well! You can replace all those single-use paper products at Who Gives a Crap, Grove Collective, Amazon and even your local grocery store!



Bath & Body There are far too many products to discuss them all here. But you can head over to our articles 10 Ethical & Sustainable Bath & Body Product Swaps to get a few ideas!

Towels Towels are a bit more of a commitment. I actually wouldn’t suggest “swapping” this product. If you have towels that work for you, keep them! But if you are looking for new towels check out one of these companies:


towels 1.JPG


Opt for cleaning products with fewer ingredients. I get it-- bathrooms are gross. When you think about the plethora of icky germs lurking on every surface, who wouldn't want to douse them with bleach, harsh chemicals or, if we're honest, atom bomb the whole place and start over? But the truth is, as much as we hope the heavy-duty cleaners are helping us out, they're possibly actually harming us. The chemicals aren't just killing the germs on your counters, they're getting into your body and could be affecting your health. It's not worth it. There are plenty of safe and effective all-natural cleaners that are better for you, the environment and...drum roll... the world. As we frequently point out, everything you use had to be produced somewhere and will have to end up somewhere. So let's make sure we're using things that will also be better for our planet. Check them out at Top Cleaning Product Companies.


Install a shower filter. Chlorine isn't just found in bleach-- it's also hiding in your water. Yes, you heard that right. It's in your water. Which means each time you take a shower, the chlorine is converted to a gas, which you inhale, causing it to enter your system much quicker than through your skin. When it comes to my fear of water, the only thing that concerns me more than showering in toxic gas is Jaws. And I shower way more often than I swim in the ocean. Which is why I installed a filter. Now I can shower in peace.


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Laundry that's eco friendly and ethcally made

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