Alaffia harmonizing Facial mist

How the product is described online: "Instantly refresh, rebalance and fortify skin against environmental pollutants with this mineral-rich, antioxidant-rich toner mist. Doctor developed and clinically tested, this pH balanced formula contains some of the most powerful minerals and natural toxin fighters from the earth and from the sea" - Derma-E site


How the product is described online: "Here is a soothing multipurpose freshener providing results similar to the aerosol cans of French Spray Water – and much more moderately priced. Natural extract of rose extract makes this Facial Spray very refreshing and stimulating." - Reviva Labs site

Product Review

Melissa's review: At first, I wasn't particularly impressed with this product. But after some time I found myself reaching for it consistently when I'd stop testing another product. I used it almost entirely up before I remembered I needed to send some off to my sister!

  • The mister is so nice on this one. I'd be tempted to transfer other products into this bottle just for the mister.

  • It completely soaks into my skin and leaves no residue. Afterward, my skin feels super fresh, clean and clear.

  • I think in the end I appreciated the balance of clarifying and moisturizing. Because I have acne-prone skin with oily patches, I often crave toners that feel astringent in a way, like they're sucking the life out of my pimples. Then my moisturizing step renourishes everything. But this toner felt clarifying without leaving my skin feeling tight and overly dry. I could use this without a next step if I needed to.


I won't rush out and buy it again because I do think there could be something better still, something more targeted at pores or acne potentially, but I'd recommend it to anyone searching for a gentle toner for combination skin. And if I stumbled across another well-priced bottle I'd buy it :)

Behind the Product

Derma-e started in health food stores and they've maintained that ethos through their growth. Their mantra is "eco-ethical" which to them means: "committed to... health, wellbeing and the natural environment"


  • Empowerment projects: they give 10% of profits back to the communities in which they work through various projects to educate children, distribute health care and contribute to reforestation.

  • They use sustainably sourced ingredients directly from the communities they are supporting.

  • Healthy ingredients, none of the questionable stuff.

  • Some of their ingredients are Fair Trade and they are certified Fair for Life.

  • Cruelty-free


You can find this brand at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Marshalls and online.

 Thanks for reading! 

Have you tried any Alaffia products? What did you think?

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