Bad Parent Companies and Compromised Standards - come at me, bro.

I'm Supporting Bad Parent Companies and Compromised Standards - come at me, bro.

by Melissa Caputo,

MAD Market CEO

The Question:

I've gone back and forth on whether or not I want to support ethically run companies with unethical parent companies or one-off ethically made products from companies that are generally unethical over-all. We're ultimately giving money to companies we don't fully support. But on the other hand, purchasing these good products (and only the good ones) will hopefully encourage a company to create more products like that.

My Conclusion:

I've decided that MAD Market will make decisions regarding our support on a product-by-product basis. In my heart, I still feel some conflict. It makes me sick to think that my money is ultimately going toward a company that uses slave labor. But ultimately I believe we can make the greatest impact by broadening our influence.

My Reasoning:

Minimum standards for maximum conversion

A huge deterrent for people buying ethically made products is accessibility and options. So we want to open the pool of products as much as possible, introducing consumers to the concept of ethical manufacturing and hopefully transitioning people to higher and higher standards. That's why MAD Market promotes products that hold a minimum standard, but may not hit every mark.

I want to reiterate, we do have a minimum standard that we will NEVER compromise: ethical treatment of all people, no overtly harmful environmental practices, and cruelty-free manufacturing. Ultimately, our goal is to find companies with innovative and sustainable environmental practices, are vegan and cruelty-free, have non-toxic, healthy ingredients/materials and are entirely fairly made. But products that hit all these marks simply aren't that common yet. As time goes on, hopefully, we can be more and more strict with what we support because product offerings have grown so significantly.

Inclusively and accessibility

We don't want ethical manufacturing to be a rich man's game. We want everyone to be aware of ethical and sustainable manufacturing, demanding it at every department store, gas station, and grocery store. We want to shift the global consciousness toward fair treatment of people, telling everyone that they CAN afford to care.

So we come back to the idea of encouraging large companies to continue producing better products. These companies are best equipped to offer a large range of options at affordable prices, so we need to get them on our side. We need inclusivity and accessibility into the world of ethical manufacturing. It's a must if we are going to truly expand ethical purchasing to all countries, ages, and income levels.

Thanks for reading! 

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