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Behind the Product

Come Together Trading is a marketplace for handcrafted goods made my artisans in developing countries. The company was founded in hope of encouraging small communities and hard-working individuals in their crafts. By creating a global marketplace for their goods, Come Together Trading is helping furnish greater trade and revenue for these artisans. 


Perhaps the best aspect of the company's mission statement is the following: "By purchasing their items we knew we were helping them but it felt different. It wasn’t charity. We were equals and we were engaging in trade. It was helping us and it was helping them." - Come Together Trading website. 


This perspective, one of commrodery, respect and appreciation makes me think that this marketplace is genuinely founded on sound principles and is truly doing good in these communities.  Next we'll have to get an interview with the owners and see if we can learn more!


Come Together Trading partners with other companies in order to supply the products on their website. Among these companies are: 
















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