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This Season’s Hottest Rings from Brilliant Earth

The traditional diamond is taking a back seat to this season’s gorgeous precious stones. Brilliant Earth has dedicated an entire line of rings to one of the world’s most sought-after gemstones – the royal blue sapphire. This stone offers a dynamic, audacious hue that the diamond just simply cannot give. The durable blue sapphire symbolizes loyalty, making it an intuitive choice for an engagement ring - Princess Diana being among the first icons to forgo the standard diamond to don this gem in her engagement ring.













If a sapphire stone finds its way onto your hand, it could have travelled from many countries in the world. Because of Brilliant Earth’s commitment to stones that have been mined under ethical conditions, their sapphires are sourced from very select mines in Australia, Sri Lanka and Malawi. The care taken in ethically sourcing, cutting and polishing each Brilliant Earth gemstone makes these pieces even more precious, unique and highly valued.


If brilliant blue is too bold for you, try the austere green of an emerald. This stone, boasting some of the deepest, fullest hues among all gemstones, is the stone of royalty.


A natural emerald has innate micro fissures throughout the stone, making it more fragile than a diamond. Many emerald processors will fill in these cracks, often with synthetic polymers or green tinted oils. Brilliant Earth, along with its commitment to ethically source, cut and polish the stones, has also committed to never using stones treated with such compromising techniques.


On the lighter side, the airy aquamarine stone may be just the whimsical undertone you prefer. Ethically sourced from Brazil, these stones undergo only the most basic heat treatments; there are no artificial color enhancements or polymer fillers. This gem al naturale pairs beautifully with a halo of diamonds in a modern setting, or with the pop of royal blue sapphires.



Not ready to ditch the diamond entirely? These stunning accent stones bring in personality and pop. You can maintain a classic look while adding just enough to make this ring unique to you.





Not only are the stones socially conscious, the metal in each Brilliant Earth ring is reclaimed. The mining of precious metals is surrounded by wars, violence and dangerous working conditions. Even ethically managed mines cause environmental calamities, resulting in water and soil pollution.


Brilliant Earth sources their metals from existing jewelry, industrial-use metals and electronic components and refines them back to their pure elements. This process results in metals that are identical to the newly mined – without the social and environmental devastation.  


This season’s hottest stones by Brilliant Earth are known for more than their bright, lavish hues. They are known for the story they tell and the path they took: from nature to the hands of those who are working hard and treated fairly, into the consciously reclaimed gold setting and then, finally, onto your hand.

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