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Fast Fix for Under Eye Circles

and Fast Fix for Pimples

We all get blemishes that just pop up in the middle of our day at the worst times. You need to get rid of them, and fast. Otherwise, you're giving your presentation with a huge red dot on your forehead. Or your date is going to comment on how tired you look because of the bags under your eyes... Are the Alba Botanica Fast Fix products your solution?

Product Reviews



Product claims to:


  • be a vanishing concealer

  • neutralize darkness

  • brighten in a blink

Product claims to:


  • instantly hide and treat 

  • immediately blur the blemish

  • remedy the underlying problem      




The Fast Fix products are meant to be a treatment for the problem as well as an immediate fix. So they contain medicinal ingredients (such as willow bark extract for pimples and white lily for under eye circles) that will work to diminish the blemish. In the meantime, they act as a tinted cover up cream.

I really like the concept of the products. But while they are designed to be easy to throw in your bag and use on the go, I wouldn't actually use these over my makeup during the day. They only come in one color, so there's no chance of trying to match the product to your skin tone. In concept, most of the product absorbs into your skin to attack the underlying problem and then it leaves just a small bit of correcting color behind. But in reality, the creams leave a distinctly colored residue behind and I would not like to have that on top of my foundation.


I use them under my makeup in the morning before I get ready, and for that, they work well. 

The product for pimples doesn't work as well as other pimple products I have and the cover up ability just doesn't make it worth it. Plus, it doesn't blend well into my skin at all so I am left with a blotchy residue after using it. 

The Fast Fix for Under Eye Circles works well. The deep yellow is a great counter-actor to the purple under my eyes, it blends well and it does seem to work beneath the skin to actually reduce the puffy circles. 

I would repurchase the Fast Fix for Under Eye Circles, but not the Fast Fix for a Pimple. 

Behind the Product

Head over to the main Alba Botanica blog page to see the company's social and environmental impact. We also have tons of other cosmetic products for you to check out!

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