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An affiliate link is given to an individual or group so they can help drive sales for the company. In return, the affiliate receives some kind of reward, often in the form of credit to use at the store or in a small percentage of each sale. These links often give the consumer a special offer as well.

While the system can be abused by people plastering any link anywhere possible, for a lot of "influencers" (bloggers, instagramers, YouTubers...) the affiliate marketing strategy is a win-win-win. They can help promote companies they believe in, they get something in return and their audience gets a discount as well. This is how we see it.

While we wait for our online store to be functional, a main way for us to make money is through these links. However, we would never promote a company or product we don't believe in.

So with all that said, we hope you enjoy the carefully curated and constantly growing list of affiliate links below! May it make your ethical shopping quest that much easier :) 



False Lashes
Each makeup item you purchase gives a product to a women battling cancer. vegan, cruelty-free, healthy
Trendy Makeup
A large beauty brand using healthy ingredients and often manufacturing in the USA. cruelty-free, vegan
Natural Skincare
Twinkle Apothecary focuses on the simplest ingredients to nourish, cleanse and overall pamper your skin. Made in the USA, sustainably sourced ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan.
Luxury Natural Beauty
Luxurious beauty and skincare products made with the finest ingredients. cruelty-free, vegan, American made
Everyday Beauty
A more affordable, yet still fantastic natural, american made makeup brand. cruelty-free, vegan
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Yoga Clothes
Really high-quality athletic wear with fun patterns made by free range humans from eco-friendly fabrics.
Yoga Clothes
Super fun, trendy patterns ethically made with sustainable materials.
These clothes are all ethically made from remnant, scrap fabric and other eco-friendly materials.
Affordable Basics
Radical transparency -they show how much it cost to make each item and gives extremely affordable prices for great clothes, shoes and accessories.
Discount Ethical Fashion
Discounted ethically-made clothing from some of the most popular ethical clothing brands.
Outdoor adventurer, meet ethical and sustainable clothing.
Patterned Leggings
Artistic, vibrant printed leggings and tops eco printed in the USA. Woman-owned small business.
Organic Cotton Comfy
Home to the "World's Best Hoodie", this company does everything ethically and in the US from growing the cotton to creating their own custom finishings.
Delicate Jewelry
This beautiful, trendy and often delicate jewelry is handmade by survivors of human trafficking.
Lingerie & Active Wear
Each pieces is handmade by a woman head of household being empowered to break from the cycle of poverty. Eco-friendly printing process and minimal waste practices.
Vegan Fashion
A boutique fashion store curated to promote female empowerment, vegan lifestyle and ethical business.
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Home Goods

Eco-Friendly Bedding
Sheets, duvet covers and quilts made of the most natural, eco-friendly materials to benefit your health and the environment. Ethically made, vegan, cruelty-free
Flower Delivery
Ethically grown flowers from sustainable farms sold without any gimmicks or upselling. Grown in the USA and Mexico, fresh cut when you order.
Best Coffee Ever
The yummiest coffee, roasted to be good for you.
Natural Grocery Store
It really works! If you use the extension, it will automatically give you cash back for shopping at a huge variety of online stores. Sell food, beauty, home goods, pet supplies, and more!
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General Shopping

Browser Extension
It really works! If you use the extension, it will automatically give you cash back for shopping at a huge variety of online stores. Sell food, beauty, home goods, pet supplies, and more!
Natural Grocery Store
Thrive helps make healthy nutrition accessible to those on an average budget, and their programs help low income families eat healthy.
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