MAD Market's mission is simple: We help you find products that are ethically made and sustainable from companies that are doing good in the world.

Each time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want to see.


What does it mean for a product to be ethically made? Ethical manufacturing in it's simplest definition means that no person was harmed in the making of your product. Everyone throughout the production line was treated fairly and compensated with a fair living wage. We first and foremost believe in caring for human life, but we also believe that caring for animals and the environment is part of ethical manufacturing. We look for companies that are Fair Trade certified, B Corporations, American made and that carry other third party certifications.


Pillars of Ethical Manufacturing:


  1. Fair Working Conditions- No person was harmed in the making of your product. Everyone throughout the production line was treated fairly and compensated with a fair living wage. For the people growing, harvesting, mining and manufacturing: safe working conditions, no slavery, no child labor, no coercion, chances to learn and progress, educational opportunities, fair wages. Corporations may not fall into the same traps as factories and farms, but they also must have good CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, treating employees fairly and equally.

  2. Sustainablity- with modern technology and wide-spread availability of environmentally-friendly options, there's no excuse to not follow some if not all of the following: using upcycled, recycled and recyclable materials, recyclable and minimal packaging, solar-powered factories, local and sustainable sourcing, organic, non-GMO ingredients, natural ingredients, minimal to zero waste factories.

  3. Cruelty-Free- though we are not a strictly vegan company, we must always be aware that animals, however they are used in production, are treated humanely. We believe in cruelty-free beauty, vegan alternatives and humane treatment.

  4. Healthy Ingredients- Any company using potentially dangerous ingredients cares more about profit than about its customers. We support companies that are using simple, natural ingredients that have no likelihood of harming people or the environment. This does not just apply to beauty and skin care products, but across the board.

  5. Transparency- A company has to be open with their production process, sourcing and suppliers. We look for certifications and evaluations from trusted third-parties.

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